Friday, 30 November 2012

The youth of today.

The youth of today.

Do you hear people moaning all the time about the youth of today? Saying things like it was different in my day, there is no respect, they only want want want, take take take all the time and the like. Well I suspect that this may have been going on for some time, many centuries even. But has anyone come up with any idea why? Or how it can be altered or resolved to every ones satisfaction? It would appear that throughout history, things have changed greatly in certain areas. Technological advancements and explorations of our world amongst the most obvious, but what about development of our minds, our spiritual being and our ability to look deep within for clues as to our dissatisfactions.
You know by now my point in this blog is to raise further questions through my rants and debates. Not to pull down, but simply to assist in building up new ways of looking at the world that is before our eyes.

So when I say, “do you realise what we see is what we have created,” you shouldn't be so surprised that I am aiming my pointed finger of accusation at each and every one of us......

The simple truth is, we made the mess we live with. And we are also responsible for all the many, many wonderful things we have created too. Humans are capable of incredible works of ingenuity and love and even altruistic kindness. In a world that is murdering thousands of people daily, over the ground upon which we walk (or the supposed rights over it) and for more material things than is reasonable, we can also show some incredible humanitarian altruism. Thank you....

However as we are here to discern what part our youth have to play in this, and what responsibility they have to change things as they see fit, I need to bring us back to the relevant facts or rather the relevant information that we have regarding the way that youths have added to or taken away from the world we have created. I am going to quote directly from the work of a man who has had a dream and revelation of the reasons for this and many other topics. Below the quote I shall reveal him and the works that I would strongly advise everyone to obtain and read. It will change lives, and offer us all a new way to re-evaluate the, TRUTH we have been told for so long it is nearly impossible for us to see it any other way.

The quotation takes the form of a dialogue between this man and someone he understands to be the divine creator of everything. (Please try to have an open mind here, for the purpose of giving the words a fair opportunity to be absorbed into your reason and intellect.)

With regards to history, anyone can look over their shoulder and say with the benefit of hindsight, “I would have done it differently.”

Then why don't you?

I beg your pardon?

I said, then why don't you? Why have you not looked over your shoulder, learned from your past, and done it differently? I'll tell you why. Because to allow your children to look at your past and analyse it critically – indeed, to require them to do so as a part of their education – would run the risk of them disagreeing with how you did things.
They will disagree anyway, of course. You just won't allow too much of it in your classrooms. So they have to take to the streets. Wave signs. Tear up draft cards. Burn bras and flags. Do whatever they can do to get your attention, to get you to see. Your young people have been screaming at you, “there must be a better way!” Yet you do not hear them. You do not want to hear them. And you certainly don't want to encourage them in the classroom to start critically thinking about the facts that you are giving them.
Just get it,” you say to them. “Don't come in here and tell us we've been doing it wrong. Just get that we've been doing it right...!”
That my friend is how you educate your children. That is what you have been calling education.

But there are those that would say it's the young people and their crazy, wacko, liberal ideas, who have been taking this country and the world down the tubes. Sent it to hell. Pushed it to the edge of oblivion. Destroyed our values-oriented culture, and replaced it with a do-whatever-you-want-to-do, whatever “feels good,” morality which threatens to end our very way of life.

The young people are destroying your way of life. The young people have always done that. Your job is to encourage it, not to discourage it.
It is not your young people who are destroying the rain forests. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are depleting your ozone layer. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are exploiting the poor in sweat shops all over the world. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are taxing you to death, then using the money for war and machines of war. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are ignoring the problems of the weak and the downtrodden, letting hundreds of people die of starvation on a planet with more than enough to feed everybody. They are asking you to stop it.
It is not your young people who are engaging in the politics of deception and manipulation. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are sexually repressed, ashamed and embarrassed about their own bodies and passing on this shame and embarrassment to their offspring. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who have set up a value system which says that “might is right,” and a world that solves problems with violence. They are asking you to stop it.
Nay, they are not asking you.....They are begging you....

Yet it is young people who are violent! Young people who join gangs and kill each other! Young people who thumb their nose at law and order- at any kind of order. Young people who are driving us crazy!

When the cries and pleas of young people to change the world are not heard and never heeded; when they see that their cause is lost-that you will have it your way no matter what-young people, who are not stupid, will do the next best thing. If they can't beat you, they will join you.
Your young people have joined you in your behaviour. If they are violent, it is because you are violent. If they are materialistic, it is because you are materialistic. If they are acting crazy, it is because you are acting crazy. If they are using sex manipulatively, irresponsibly, shamefully, it is because they see you doing the same. The only difference between young people and older people is that young people do what they do out in the open.
Older people hide their behaviours. Older people think that younger people cannot see. (Take the Jimmy Saville debacle/coverup for an example) Nothing is hidden from them. They see the hypocrisy of their elders, and they try desperately to change it. Yet having tried and failed, they see no choice but to imitate it. In this they are wrong, yet they have never been taught differently. They have not been allowed to critically analyse what their elders have been doing. They have only been allowed to memorise it.
What you memorise, you memorialize.

How, then, should we educate our young?

(Please read the further dialogue for yourselves)

The author of the above quotations is Neale Donald Walsch. The quote is from pages 118-121 in book two of the series, Conversations with God, (an uncommon dialogue)

I have been very moved by this alternative explanation, a newer way to see certain things in our world in a completely unique way. My admiration for the writing of Neale should be evident, but he is just one of an army of people trying to wake the people here on earth up, to a better way to be and to see the reality of life. I realise that many people will find it hard to take, to stomach such candour, a blasphemous attempt to put words into the mouth of god. But please, I beg you, young and old, let the feelings within you help you to see the choices before you here and now. We can go on as we have, or we can choose again. Open your hearts to the emotions that are telling us all, that this treatment of one another that has gone on for millenia, has to stop. If it doesn't we will betray our higher selves the chance to live as we truly could, in peace and harmony. And we may even destroy both our entire race, and the planet upon which we live. The planet that is here for us to learn our greatest truth. Love is all you need. And sharing it is all we all need to be happy.

So let us please lighten up on our youth. They did not cause the problem, even if they are now caught up in the tragedy of abetting the problem.
Cannot we all, please take a moment to reflect. Couldn't we do more to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

I know that it is a long road, but it is one worth walking.....

Believe me. I am Peaceful Warrior......

 What I have been doing.