Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pleading for sanity....

  Pleading for sanity....

In response for a call to all people on earth, by AVAAZ I wrote a personal message to John Kerry the United States Secretary for State. You can also get involved if helping to stop the greed for energy taking us into a global meltdown, and/or climate change is important to you. Read below, and add your thoughts.

Dear Secretary of State,
If you are reading this message, then at least you have indicated one very valuable and immutable evidence of being a caring human being. This is where we all have to begin, to bond and realise that whatever we do personally can be far reaching and important to others too. 

I feel sure that you will understand why so many people are against this and many other types of energy harvesting. It is not because we desire to live in the dark ages and go without power for lighting and heating, and hence have a more enjoyable time here on earth. But I feel sure that you must realise our resistance of this harvesting is all about the sustainability of life on our planet. Fundamentally we really need to be thinking of using less energy, rather than wasting more and more on creating dead things. The planet is alive, and we (human beings with a thirst for oil and power) are turning that living planet into a dead one. It is a kind of Necrophilia to do this. There are many clean ways to harvest energy that are already discovered, and the research is pretty conclusive that it can be beneficial to everyone. Abusing natural resources without truly considering the affects upon the planet is quite naive and at best unhelpful to the people living here, including you. The earth has been around for a very long time and human beings a fraction of that. I am sure that you as a man who breathes air and eats natures produce must comprehend the gravity of the global issues with regards the actions of mankind upon it. Al Gore has one of the best and most informed views of the longevity of this activity and has said so with the dedication of a warrior in the film, 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

Please Mr. Kerry, be kind to the earth and your brothers and sisters. Help it be rejuvenated and cared for, and leave a future open for our grandchildren and people to come. Our lives are valuable and yet should not come at a cost to the planets hope of survival. In truth it will be here long after we have become extinct. Please don't force that extinction upon us all at this time.

Are you listening to the people?

Are you wondering what to do?

Are you going to fight for us?
(Or the greedy rich)

Are you going to stop this madness?

One parting thought:



With respect, Love and Light.

Peaceful Warrior. U.K.

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