Friday, 30 March 2012

Never Giving Up

 Never Giving Up

It has been a while since I heard anything from this talented pop personality. His latest song is as good as any he previously produced and what great feel good essence I got from listening to him sing. Thanks to Dave Gahan my friend who sent me the link, you knew I would love it..  and you were correct...

Can anyone guess what this song is about ?
When you've had a chance to listen to it, ask me and I shall reveal all..

That's all for now folks, I'll have a new post for the weekend.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rising to a challenge

This came to me as a link from my brothers youtube video list. It is a really fabulous video story.

And just to make an impression on me about my determination to keep going, the universe also delivered me this. Below.

Please share your inspirational videos and stories too.

You gotta hand it to them, will power wins through in the end.

And of course it is not about winning in the truest sense of the word, because winning to me would be where everyone gets a decent share of the enjoyment of life.

Love to you all.


Sharing and Caring

Sharing and Caring

So what is it about sharing that is so distasteful to the powers that be?

We live on a planet that has everything we would ever need to live happily, except fairness. The earth provides and allows production of enough food for every person alive to have a full stomach at night when they go to bed. Enough air for each one of us to breath, and enough water for us all to drink bathe and work with. But we somehow don't all have these things at our disposal when it is needed, and the reasons are far from simple as to why.
One noticeable thing about this is that we seem to live in lots of places where the water is not readily available. The Sudan for example, deserts and other barren lands where people have oddly chosen to live but where the basic resources aren't readily available. Water shortages leads to poor crop harvests which in turn leads to hunger and death all too often in those places.

So why, children ask don't those people move here to where we normally have plenty of water? This simplistic view is quite a reasonable train of thought, but what they have not yet understood is that we (our societies mental reasoning’s) are unwilling to share what we see as our land, our country, our property with those that need some. To a child it seems quite natural to share the things we have so that everyone gets a bit. (You may argue that is not the case when they grow up a little, and yet don't they learn their behaviour from us the grown ups?)
How can you explain to your children that all men women and children aren't equal and don't all have the same rights to their fair share of what we all get for free from 'Mother Earth'?
Don't ask Sarah Palin. Please...

I find myself at a loss to answer with any real understanding when you look at it from their (children's)perspective. The youth of today, be it that they are learning to be greedy and non-giving from somewhere, are still our best hope of change for the rights of everyone, if we would be saved from disaster and ruin.
Why don't we listen with our ears and hearts open to them?

Every government 'claims' to be working for fairness and equality, but with each successive budget, initiative or strategy they get us farther away from fairness and genuine peace and harmony. The idea seems to be, it is completely right fair and just, for the rich to keep taking more. (Which it has to be said, mathematically means everyone else gets less) They say that our (societies) belief that the democratic capitalist ideals are working is still true. The evidence is that this is just not true at all. Only the rich get richer, as the poor either get poorer or stay where they are. I am not about to make decisions about what someone is worth and how much they should charge for things, but I am asking what motivation there is behind these things, these decisions and strategies, that is displaying a genuinely working example of improvement for all.
For example, a football player falls on the pitch with a suspected heart attack. He is carried to hospital and dealt with cared for and saved by people who's wages are so minuscule in comparison to his, yet so much more vital for life to be enjoyed. (especially for him) Do you hear people like that saying how wrong it is that for him to have so much the people that saved him have to have not only so much less, but uncertainty about what they have, and that there should be more money put into the system that can provide this type of care?
I can't answer on their behalf of course, but we hardly ever see any real altruism from that sector.

Same as with the banks and financial institutions. Do we ever hear them saying, 'yes you are all correct, we made some pretty devastating errors in our policy and strategy, so we will put back into the pot what we have taken out, to see if that might not just save it, or at least help?'
Again I won't answer even if I think I know what I see.

Yachts are not a luxury anyway..... nor are the best seats at the opera.....

So our governments will keep on taxing us to death, taking from one hand or the other. They are like magicians, they let you believe you know where the ball is under the cup, whilst riffling your pockets and stealing your belongings. They will say we love you and that all our decisions are for the good of all, even when the proof is that only a select few ever get the rewards. This might be conjecture on my part, but doesn't it have a ring of truth?

Now I don't claim to have all the answers.
I have no idea if anything I say will have any positive impact at all, and yet I still believe that it needs saying so that we can all have just one more, several more viewpoints to consider.

What would I do differently?

Well for a start off, I would make sure that whatever decision I made, it was thoroughly discussed before hand, and that for democracy to be seen to be at work, the larger proportion of the voters views be the way forward.

Use the example of poll tax back in the 80's for example.
2 in 10 said yes, the two got their wish.

War with Iraq.
90% of the polled people said no.
10% got a war on Saddam that was based on bull shit lies, which is still going on costing the other 90% also trillions of pounds. (Which money alone could have staved of the need for job cuts losses and unemployment)

So believe what they tell you at your/our peril. When they can tell us the TRUTH about a subject, a provable truth, then maybe that day will be a grand awakening of the global consciousness. Until then we are going to be spoon fed the poisoned morsels of scraps they leave out for the dogs.

Sharing is and will be the best way for true happiness to enter our lives. It is our destiny to realise this, and we shall be rewarded hansomly when we do finally realise it.

Step up to the plate, take a swing and let the freedom of your unfettered souls strike the ball of change, sending it into touch for a home run...

Rant over....for today...

May you smile and feel the love I send out to you all.

Peaceful Warrior.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Am I the only person to get a little bit down or disappointed when people cannot or do not live up to the promises they make?

I know that I am far from perfect and in respect of that, I try never to say yes to things or offer help when I am not sure it is/will be possible to fulfill. We all think that we can do more than we really can I have noticed over the years, no more so than from my own lack of adherence to said promises. My intentions were mostly honorable and yet I could not always live up to not only others expectations, but my own too. So I take this into consideration when things don't seem to be reciprocated or acted upon, as a personal defense against feeling let down, disappointed or hurt. 

As you can tell from the tone of my message, I still have some difficulty with acceptance.. 

I get that not everyone is well meaning. That not everyone doesn't actually believe that they could fulfill the promises they make, or that people are sometimes a bit self important, egoistic or just plain forgetful. They/I, don't/didn't mean to let someone down, give a false hope, or be remiss in attending to a human courtesy, but it does happen, and I feel that by mentioning it here, the offending person/s will rot in hell, their balls will drop off realise that a bit more thought should go into the words coming out of their mouths. 

I am not here to blame or cuss anyone, I am simply trying to work out in myself why I would care that I feel uneasy about it, and why I placed so much expectation in what they said, as half the time I have never even met these people nor know what their reasons could be for their behaviour, or their dialogues or their promises.

My true friends are the ones I have had for (some over 44 years) ages,
the ones who are there when I have something to celebrate as well as when bad times roll in. They say what needs to be said despite fear. As I want to be a true friend, to them to every one I now meet also, I attempt to put brain into gear before speaking, thus avoiding unnecessary shit words coming out, or promises I cannot or won't be able to keep.

If you are reading this, I hope that you take what is being lovingly said as a token of my love and attempt at discussing openly the depth of disgust empathy I have towards the given topic. If you think that I am talking to you now, then you are too fucking paranoid   sure to review what you might have said and what I might have taken from that. If you commit suicide take it with a pinch of salt as I hope, then things may improve without you feeling like a useless piece of crap foolish talker.

I have no intention of mentioning names Jack for the purpose of embarrassing you or telling tales, merely that we can all look a bit more clearly into the effects our promises will have if we are lazy lax or forgetful.

So rant over, please get back to something more interesting than my idle doubts about other peoples motives or integrity.

Seriously now, may the love of my heart be enough to bring about a new dawn for care of each other, working for the good of others before ourselves..

Peaceful Warrior.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Coronal mass ejections.

 Following on from a posting by N.D.

The ND's nigh...

What a very clear observation of our madness.
We as you say control nothing yet act as if we control it all. This Solar storm reminded me of the global financial situation too. They haven't got a hope of controlling that either. Actually it's a bit like the Titanic, Our governments are still playing the instruments up on deck, instead of abandoning the ship which is sure to sink very soon and trying to save the people on board instead.

Whilst it is amazing to see and feel the effects of the solar activies when we are on our holidays, we are more nervous about what these storms of ionised particles in the outer space of our planet will do to very structured and restrictive way of life we have constructed for ourselves in the western world. When the Solar flares begin to take down the power grids and communications systems around the globe, we will unfortunately be thrown into a type of chaos we have never seen the like of. Soon we will be getting far more frequent x50 size flares that will be directly earth bound. And don't forget that the light/energy from the sun, only takes 9 minutes to reach us.

Be aware that others have been looking into this science and observation for many years, and have amassed a huge body of work and data about the activity of the sun. Without the sun, life on earth is impossible. What if it were also the thing responsible for the extinction of our species? it wouldn't be the first  time the earth has suffered a sudden depopulation of mammals  from the surface of the earth.

Take a look at the link here. It may be scary but it is none the less relevant to your/our hope of survival following a huge Solar flare, or other solar activities.

Monday, 5 March 2012



I have been putting this theory of mine to the test over the past few years.
What would happen if I became more gentle ?

The truth is, I really believe that we are inherently a gentle race. I know, I know, we have not been showing it in the main over the centuries with such bloodshed that even horror movies would be made to look like children's films. But I do think and feel the truth of this when I see the way in which people randomly (Or not so randomly) come to the aid of someone in plight. Instinctively we react to the news of trouble with a concern for what can be done to help. It is later that we start to add up the cost to our bank balances and draw back from assistance, (for fear that we will not have enough for our luxuries) and then readjust our approach and zealousness. I wonder just how much of the hundreds of millions we supposedly gave to the various crisies around the globe actually arrived??? I bet they are still waiting for most of it, whilst some office bod decides on protocol and the like. Admit it, our leaders and politicians make wonderful claims, and actually have nothing to back it up with.
But to me this does explain our instinctive desire to be gentle and find resolution in the basic resonance of our spirits. How many of us can pass a person in the street who has fallen without offering to help them up? Some yes, but it is not that difficult to show a gentleness is it?
Then when we see children being victims of abuse, don't we try and put ourselves out to assist the resolution to their suffering? Then that surely is evidence of our caring and gentle nature. For certain groups of society (Children and the less abled) wouldn't we go the extra mile and do whatever is needed to help? Despite whatever we think about who really benefits from charity, we still give hundreds of millions each year from our own pockets to help them to help others. Even if this is a distance type of help it is still going to have an impact on others and is a direct result of the gentleness we desire to give to others of our race. What a pity that the real issues of poverty and homelessness are not tackled by those with the power and influence to do so, whilst they occupy themselves with pumping up their bank accounts.
But, since I found that there is gentleness within me, I have vowed to use it more often to assist others. (As often as I can remember to, along with making all the other evolutionary changes within myself) Giving is the best medicine to cure the hearts desire to feel alive. Gentleness comes to those that inculcate the changes in their thinking and push for giving good gifts to others as a matter of action rather than thought.

How can you be the change without doing anything?

(To steal a quote from the Matrix)
Don't think you can, know you can.!
This implies some action.

Allow your gentleness room for action soon, today even, and you can enjoy the feelings of greater contentment and happiness.
I promise you won't regret it as your spirit expands to become more gentle.