Sunday, 23 June 2013

Men that hurt Women.

You may know me well enough to know I try to avoid making swift judgements about anyone, especially if I am also in that group. But I want to talk about what cowards, are the men that hurt women.
Now at the outset I do not wish to give the impression that I don't believe women have any power, therefore are lesser or deserve to be put down. Quite the opposite, women are incredibly powerful. In many ways, far more so than men. But it is apparent in our world that men have somehow taken the control of everything, and have in too many ways removed the respect and natural order of things that women are better equipped for. I mean, nature gave women the responsibility of bringing new life into the world, and by contrast it would seem that men have chosen to be the ones responsible for ending many of those lives, all be it before their natural end. 

Women can be bullies of course, but they have no real desire for it in the main. Men by contrast however are arrogant at insisting on their way being right. For thousands of years this has not been challenged to any real degree, and a feeling of rightness appears to have embedded itself in the male of the species. If we looked at the animal kingdom, we see this male dominance often, but it is always in a manner to coexist with their mates according to the natural order. Men however appear to want something slightly different. Sure we do want to use our natural strength and hunter gatherer/ protector role to best advantage for the safety and security of our loved ones. Sadly however many of my gender do severe injustices to these same loved ones in a misplaced feeling of protection. They bully and demean the very people they claim to love. This is not a natural behaviour even if it would seem so from certain social aspects and or regions. A few particular places in our fair isles have long been stereotypically regarded as wife beaters, bully's and hard men. Of course this is also a misconception, but having gone unchecked for centuries by a society run by men, for the benefit of men firstly, little wonder.

What we have done to women over the vast history is nothing short of a scandal. Women have had to fight tooth and nail to get even close to a level of fairness, even having to have resorted to trickery and sexual bribery, one thing sure to get men's attention. But all too often that has not worked and they have been punished for trying to get up off the floor after having been abused in whatever way men chose to met out that justified punishment. (Justified to no-one but men) 

It makes me feel sick to my stomach, what atrocities we the male of our species have done to our women. And I feel humbled that they have stuck around whilst we did this, in the hope that one day they might be treated without contempt and disrespect. They clearly had the greater good at heart, the furthering of our race and its ongoing existence. Thanks be to them for this patience.
But can this carry on? Should we not come to truly respect and cherish their beautiful natures? Do we have to repeat this tragedy for several thousands of years to come?

I for one am willing to look at ways to give the proper respect to the sacred femme. To the bearers of our children, the home makers that fill our world with true love and the givers of creative talent that keeps our world alive.

Listen up men, stop bullying your families your wives and girlfriends, your children for gods sakes!! Learn to treat them all with respect. Surprisingly as it is to you/us, the male, that actually doing this will bring you better happiness and contentment. More respect from your loved ones and everyone else. A life filled with good feeling that does not cost others theirs. Are you not aware that women don't enjoy being put down, made to feel insignificant and like something on the bottom of your shoe? Is it really so important that you impress your peers, your mates, the select men's club with your disrespect towards other human beings? Is it worth so much to us that we lose the respect of the very people that are our reason to be around, to have control over our domain?

I venture that if you were brave enough to try this and not cowardly, you would also realise the direct benefit to yourself and others. Might is not right, nor is forcing someone to do something they cannot choose.

This applies to other men too. History has convinced me of one thing in this regard. War creates war, hatred and disrespect breeds more of the same. Only love, loving kindness can reap the best crop of happiness for you me and everyone on this planet.

Do you care?
If not, please ask yourself why. You may find that you are indeed not strong enough to face your own weakness. The only cure for this lack of respect for decency is that you will choose a better reality, this is real courage, real strength. Love is not a weakness, it is the greatest force you will ever know.

I pray that it will be present in you now, and that you can work towards a world of happiness for all.

Love and Peace.

Peaceful Warrior.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Profane and Insensitive World.

Profane and Insensitive.

The world is sick and that's the truth.

However we look at it, there is a mountain of evidence that the world, as we speak is ailing. Society is faltering on the brink of collapse, due to enormous pressure from all sides, and to add to this I see an undercurrent of vicious dis-stain for the working class people who are clearly the ones doing the suffering, as a payment for their hard working ethics whilst the rich thrive and continue to prosper.
What is seriously amiss, is in my view, the loving kindness that could save all humanity this tragedy. The poor are being made to suffer for the crimes and injustices of the rich and greedy, and as a slap in the face, we get the constant bombardment of how well they are doing and how much more wealth they are achieving, rubbed into our faces by those same said people through the media.

With headlines that constantly revolve around;
R.B.S. Have elected a new chairman, as so and so leaves after having failed to reach targets, etc. etc.
(Oh and by the way he wont be taking all of his bonuses, but he will take a lesser “X” million...)”
A major retail/supermarket chain make new record profits.”
The queen was celebrating her winning of £150,000 in the Derby.”
A premiership football manager, gets a new contract for 4 years, worth about “X” million pounds.”
So and so actress has bought a new dress worth £500,000 to wear to the Oscars.”

Poke me in the eye with a stick why don't you?

I don't want to be the bearer of scorn over any ones apparent success, but do I need it to be shoved in my face how obscenely rich they are still becoming, despite a global financial crisis ? One that this type of greed is fueling.
I realise that the way society is orchestrated, the lives of the rich seem to be celebrated as if we are all benefiting from that dream. But the truth is that we are not.
Once upon a time I think it was arguable about how the crisis began. Now it is definitively clear that greed was the cause of it. The greed of a few devious and unscrupulous individuals (many thousands, possibly millions of people in reality) that brought the global financial world to its knees and certain collapse. Driven on by the people at the top of this chain, the bankers and business bosses, and corrupt government ministers, seeking to out-do one another for personal financial gains.
I'm no financial expert so I expect to be shot down in flames here, but is it not true that the very same ones who are responsible for the crash, are the same said people who are benefiting continuously throughout this apparent crisis? Are they not still going on expensive holidays and buying new things, cars, houses and jewellery, whilst many millions of hard working people lose theirs?
The poor did not cause this crisis. They may have been duped into buying credit from the rich and powerful for many years, believing this bubble was sustainable, but they did not directly cause the economy to fail. They did not receive hefty benefits from the growth of the country as it is being said that they have. But, they are the ones, we the poor are the ones who are paying for the greedy, bad economic decisions of those people. They fail or make errors of sound judgement, they get a huge bonus severance payout. We fail we get the sack or redundancy.
Just look at the riots and demonstrations going on around the globe, to see if what I am saying is not true. Services are being cut, not from the rich (who have power to pay for them privately) but they are being taken from the poor. Service charges are going up almost monthly from energy companies, not I venture because they don't make any profit, but not enough profit, and these rises affect the poor directly. Bedroom taxes, food prices, fuel prices and transportation, benefits and taxes generally. It has almost conclusively been shown that the rich manage to avoid paying taxes anyway, so that only leaves the working class people to pay any. And we don't get our voices heard in any of the decisions that matter to us, it is all decided by people who's personal financial standings will not put them close to the edge of despair. Yes of course I am generalizing far too much, and I apologize to anyone who feels aggrieved that the poor should get a look in at the riches of the planet.

I said earlier that society is faltering on the brink of collapse. I really mean that it appears this way still, given that all of our understanding about this situation comes from the same group that caused the problem in the first place. Those in positions of power. What I should have said which is (Only my personal view) that the economy has already crashed. The tower of power is blowing in the wind following the collapse, from the rubble is a voice saying, “we are still standing.”
The tower has already fallen, we, (the people) are still being told, “there is nothing to worry about, go back to your homes, its all under control.”
Sadly I believe the last part of this above statement to be the only honest thing they have said. “It's all under control.” Yes, it is most definitely. Their control, not ours......
Like the band on the deck of the Titanic, our and every government are saying, “were O.K, keep listening to our music the ship isn't sinking. Don't go to the life boats, we'll be fine.”

Only a fool would believe this after watching that film Titanic. We are not going to be O.K. The ship is sinking, almost completely and that tower has already collapsed. They, the people supposedly offering sound governance, are the only ones who know the truth for certain, and they are the ones giving this false information. Probably so they can keep skimming off the money they think will save them, before we realise what has happened. The rest of us only have a brief glimmer of this reality. The truth is out there, if you are prepared to see it, but it will mean a dramatic shift in your perceptions. It will be frightening to accept, clearly. That doesn't make it any the less true. I for one would rather have the truth, than this veil of lies we receive every day, spoon fed by the media.
And, I would prefer it if they did not rub my nose in the wealth of the rich and greedy who are still thriving, despite the shortfall of the majority of households daily financial budgets. The thing about austerity is that it is paid for by the poor.
I urge the governments and financial institutions, the businesses that take more than is fair, to rethink this situation before we too descend into street protests and rioting as the norm. I do not support violence as you may well know. I am a Peaceful Warrior, fighting for the rights of all, but without aggression. Violence only be-gets more violence, if you take a quick look at our entire history on this planet. I am all for protesting and discourse, argument that is balanced and two way, for how else will we move forward? Despite my prediction of what is to come, I will not allow myself to be aggressor towards any person, but I am prepared to protest. I will not become dis-civil towards society or the government, despite their view that any more than 5 people assembled without their permission is classed as an illegal gathering. This is really fascism not true democracy, but I do not want to live in a world without governance. I would simply prefer governance that was honest and balanced and not for certain individuals but for the whole of society.

There are many injustices in our world, human beings are responsible for all of them. In the west we are very fortunate, we don't live in abject poverty, despite our potential feeling that we do, that we are poor. We have basic services and shelter for most of our citizens, unlike many developing nations. What we fail to realise is that we are very fortunate to have so many luxuries, when a majority of the worlds populations don't. I believe we would do well to review what we do have rather than what we don't have.

We are all capable of love, so please let that love move us to greater acts of sharing and loving kindness. I predict that we are about to become just like Greece and Turkey at any day now. Our Police will be tear gassing us and firing water cannons in the streets. The only reason they won't kill us in our millions is because they need us to do the work they won't or cannot do. And guess whom the police force paid for by tax payers will be protecting? Not the poor, but the ones who control their power, the rich and the mighty.

What a heroine. don't let them beat you down.

Have you never wondered what they are suppressing us for? Why are they so afraid of our voices and our opinions? Why they never seem to listen when the majority of us say no to war and yes to peace? Why is a man like Julian Assange a threat to anyone, when all he has done is expose the lies that the governments dish out as facts? Have you never wondered why any person acting on the part of peace, fairness and justice eventually becomes victim to a seemingly random and or needless murder. (Or attempted murder)

John Lennon

Martin Luther King, Jr.




Bob Marley.

Ernesto “Che” Gervara.

Malcom X.

I hope my post has been a help to you in thinking outside of their box. A box that does not truly exist at all. Don't try to think outside of the box, think that there is no box.!!

May love and peace bring harmony to you all, anyone whom this message reaches. My love and blessings are sent out to you especially.

Peaceful Warrior.