Sunday, 23 June 2013

Men that hurt Women.

You may know me well enough to know I try to avoid making swift judgements about anyone, especially if I am also in that group. But I want to talk about what cowards, are the men that hurt women.
Now at the outset I do not wish to give the impression that I don't believe women have any power, therefore are lesser or deserve to be put down. Quite the opposite, women are incredibly powerful. In many ways, far more so than men. But it is apparent in our world that men have somehow taken the control of everything, and have in too many ways removed the respect and natural order of things that women are better equipped for. I mean, nature gave women the responsibility of bringing new life into the world, and by contrast it would seem that men have chosen to be the ones responsible for ending many of those lives, all be it before their natural end. 

Women can be bullies of course, but they have no real desire for it in the main. Men by contrast however are arrogant at insisting on their way being right. For thousands of years this has not been challenged to any real degree, and a feeling of rightness appears to have embedded itself in the male of the species. If we looked at the animal kingdom, we see this male dominance often, but it is always in a manner to coexist with their mates according to the natural order. Men however appear to want something slightly different. Sure we do want to use our natural strength and hunter gatherer/ protector role to best advantage for the safety and security of our loved ones. Sadly however many of my gender do severe injustices to these same loved ones in a misplaced feeling of protection. They bully and demean the very people they claim to love. This is not a natural behaviour even if it would seem so from certain social aspects and or regions. A few particular places in our fair isles have long been stereotypically regarded as wife beaters, bully's and hard men. Of course this is also a misconception, but having gone unchecked for centuries by a society run by men, for the benefit of men firstly, little wonder.

What we have done to women over the vast history is nothing short of a scandal. Women have had to fight tooth and nail to get even close to a level of fairness, even having to have resorted to trickery and sexual bribery, one thing sure to get men's attention. But all too often that has not worked and they have been punished for trying to get up off the floor after having been abused in whatever way men chose to met out that justified punishment. (Justified to no-one but men) 

It makes me feel sick to my stomach, what atrocities we the male of our species have done to our women. And I feel humbled that they have stuck around whilst we did this, in the hope that one day they might be treated without contempt and disrespect. They clearly had the greater good at heart, the furthering of our race and its ongoing existence. Thanks be to them for this patience.
But can this carry on? Should we not come to truly respect and cherish their beautiful natures? Do we have to repeat this tragedy for several thousands of years to come?

I for one am willing to look at ways to give the proper respect to the sacred femme. To the bearers of our children, the home makers that fill our world with true love and the givers of creative talent that keeps our world alive.

Listen up men, stop bullying your families your wives and girlfriends, your children for gods sakes!! Learn to treat them all with respect. Surprisingly as it is to you/us, the male, that actually doing this will bring you better happiness and contentment. More respect from your loved ones and everyone else. A life filled with good feeling that does not cost others theirs. Are you not aware that women don't enjoy being put down, made to feel insignificant and like something on the bottom of your shoe? Is it really so important that you impress your peers, your mates, the select men's club with your disrespect towards other human beings? Is it worth so much to us that we lose the respect of the very people that are our reason to be around, to have control over our domain?

I venture that if you were brave enough to try this and not cowardly, you would also realise the direct benefit to yourself and others. Might is not right, nor is forcing someone to do something they cannot choose.

This applies to other men too. History has convinced me of one thing in this regard. War creates war, hatred and disrespect breeds more of the same. Only love, loving kindness can reap the best crop of happiness for you me and everyone on this planet.

Do you care?
If not, please ask yourself why. You may find that you are indeed not strong enough to face your own weakness. The only cure for this lack of respect for decency is that you will choose a better reality, this is real courage, real strength. Love is not a weakness, it is the greatest force you will ever know.

I pray that it will be present in you now, and that you can work towards a world of happiness for all.

Love and Peace.

Peaceful Warrior.

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