Friday, 4 May 2012

The truth about a mans ideal woman

Hi everyone. I have been a bit busy recently so sorry for the delay in posting anything. And sorry as this is a bit of a cobbled together post too. I am adding the first few lines of a new post by a friend of mine from blog-world, Wordonthestreetz

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The truth about a mans ideal woman

Its funny isn’t it, each time we read blogs or status updates from men that relate to what they consider about a woman before they make an effort to hook up with them for a relationship.? Well this blog here is to designed to give you a truthful account of what it is that we men really want in a woman as opposed to what we publicly claim.

As for what we publicly claim? Well, its not that hard to list really. Lets see.. Let me list a few of our alleged requirements..

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I shall be back to update the blog asap. My website and walk arrangements have been taking precedent, sorry. Check out 


BFN. xx


  1. Great post. I love an honest man.

  2. Thank you Lo for your time. I hope that you are feeling better and that your adoring fans shall be hearing more from you soon.

    Here's your hug. x