Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Being the change or being the same…

Being the change or being the same…

(The art of creativity or of subordination)

It would appear would it not, to even the untrained eye, that the people who claim to be responsible for the way this country is run and organised, have no intention of changing anything for the good of the people they apparently serve, the nation?

Add to that the Monarchy, (the Queen and her brood) and we have a clear picture of the wealth of this country being used not for anything to help the masses, but to actually deny them any real consolation for being loyal subjects.

Does governing for change and actually delivering initiatives that have negative impacts on the working classes constitute an active delivery of services and reform that the government say they wish to restore?

If you are looking for insight and understanding, please read on, I have much to offer by way of simple and reasoned arguments. I aim specifically to lay bare the hypocrisy that comes from the mouths of those officials and ministers whom have no genuine defence for their blatant disregard of humanity.


If you are not ready to wake up and see the reality then please click back, and go back to the illusions you are being bombarded with on all of the media services, even the one I use to share this information with you. If you are keen to become awake however to the truth before our very eyes, then try to remain open minded, even about what I myself am saying. I am no enlightened being and have no greater capacity than anyone else to see the lies, yet I am writing this to try to share the ideas that many enlightened souls have already shared with us.

Define change:-
Collins on-line dictionary says:

change (tʃeɪndʒ  



  1. to make or become different; alter
  2. (transitive) to replace with or exchange for another   ⇒  ■ to change one's name
  3. sometimes foll by to or into to transform or convert or be transformed or converted

An illustration:

We are in a small house and the furniture in the living room is old fashioned and designed for a time gone by, when rooms were much more spacious. Add to this our family has grown and the seating is not sufficient to seat everyone comfortably in the evenings when the family are together.
If we are unhappy and or marginalised by these facts what could we do to restore happiness and or a sense of balance?

We need change!

Or we continue as we are and the suffering goes on too!

What could be done?

We could move house. We could remove all of the furniture and replace with bean bags. We could lower the amount of people sharing the space. We could schedule a rota for using the space equitably. We could knock the wall out into the adjacent room and make the space feel larger.
As you can clearly see, all of the above solutions require an alteration of some elements of the scenario.


Effective change therefore, means that elements have to be altered significantly for the balance of peace and contentment to return. If not, then the same problems will arise again and again until something is done about them. And often the changes have to be so large that the initial feelings may be, of being overwhelmed by fear of that restoration. And here lies the real difficulty. Human beings are simultaneously afraid of change and constantly experiencing it.

But not everyone wants change.

There are certain people whom require things to stay as they are, but the appearance of change to be promulgated to appease the masses and their’ need to feel they are receiving some element of reward for their continued obedience. Those people are so devious that they openly say that they want to make things better for everyone whilst actually really only serving the wants and desires of themselves, which is ultimately at the expense and suffering of the rest of the population, and not a true delivery of the promises that their empty words express. You all know who they are, we all see them constantly proclaiming their servitude to you and I, but in secret (and often not so secret) they act without regard or respect to the people they claim to serve. Yes you’ve guessed it, politicians. Leaders of industry and enforcement agencies, protection services and health care. At many levels the abuse is rife and continues to reward only the obscenely greedy. In this those whom carry on this activity are copying the governmental leaders and maintaining the effects of this selfishness, not eliminating it.

We’ve all heard about the expenses scandals of the ‘house of commons’ and the ‘house of Lords’. We see corporations paying nothing or very little into the pot that they take so much from. We see the Monarchy offering a bare minimum of effort to entertain the idea of democracy whilst taking vast sums of taxpayers’ money to live the extravagant lifestyles they continue. And we have to listen to them bleating on about ‘living with our means’, as if they really understand what that actually means at all….

You may hear in my tone a sense of scathing disrespect, but I assure you that it is in fact nothing more than righteous indignation at the inequality and injustice of this situation. As human beings I have total respect for these people, but not their hypocritical activities. As in fact I would expect to suffer the accusatory eye, if I did not myself try to live a more decent and honourable life.  But my friends, this is the way that our country and our world operates, gross inadequacies and blatant disrespect for all human dignity, promoted and instigated largely by the highest earners and the most senior figures of established organisations and government.

Please do your own research there is plenty of information available if you care to look for it. In fact there is an abundance of it under reported on a daily basis by the established media and the only way you’ll probably find out the real truth is if someone like me shares it with you.

What has the government promised:-

To stop corporations evading their due taxes and duties.
To find and bring to justice the people who caused our economic collapse.
To find and bring to justice the leaders of terrorist groups and promoters of terrorist acts.
To seek peaceful means to resolve conflict.
To uphold human rights and punish violators of them.
To bring prosperity to all the subjects of our country.
To maintain justice as a foundation of our democracy.
To deliver effective care for the poor and needy.
To deliver affordable homes and services to the people of our country.
To make trade a fair and interactive consideration.

The list could go on for days…

What have they delivered/honoured:-

Made no attempts to ask the corporations to pay their dues or leave our country. Put nothing in place to force them to do so. Made no attempts to embargo the operations of these companies within our territories. Had no inquiry into these corporations activities in the U.K.

They have made no arrests of the heads of these banks or their risk taking managers. Made little inquiry into the freedoms that these individuals had in their roles. Allowed the Bank of England, a privately owned company to operate a mafia style control over our finances and dictate who gets what and when.

Have made a big song and dance about the ‘Terrorists’ and their organisations and gone after them in a style unprecedented in previous generations, by desolating country after country, murdering tens of thousands of innocent people and leaving millions more to fend for themselves in a vacuum of instability. Spent an unfathomable amount of taxpayers money to do so, WITHOUT our agreement. Ignored human rights in this pursuance, and fed arms companies with trade and replenishment of our arsenals. And the biggest of all of the disrespectful statements and actions they have done is to totally disregard the dictionaries definition of what terrorist means. Our government are not acting legally, by mandate of the people, and are by definition TERRORISTS themselves. And people who have been known to have been involved in these activities have not been brought to any kind of justice or accountability.

terrorist (ˈtɛrərɪst  



    1. a person who employs terror or terrorism, esp as a political weapon

terror (ˈtɛrə  



  1. great fear, panic, or dread
  2. a person or thing that inspires great dread
  3. (informal) a troublesome person or thing, esp a child
  4. terrorism

terrorism (ˈtɛrəˌrɪzəm  



  1. systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal
  2. the act of terrorizing
  3. the state of being terrorized

The government are well known to have avoided any peaceful means of conflict resolution in favour of military action ahead of any reasonable debates, fed the nation lies as facts to somehow support their interventions, and disregarded clear evidence to the contrary that, military intervention would indeed stop any war. Many campaign groups and individuals who have tirelessly worked to reveal evidence and display the real reasons for war have been disregarded, verbally abused and even interfered with in the pursuance of our government conducting illegal and immoral warfare. Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Stop the War, C.N.D and many others.
Stop the war   Campaign for Nuclear Dissarmament   Julian Assange

Our government continues to support regimes that are the worst offenders of human rights violations and have done nothing of any significance to bring any violators to the forum for justice. The U.S.A. and Guantanamo Bay. Saudi Arabia. Even our own intelligence services as a few examples.

The austerity measures enforced upon us have not created significant expansions of the jobs markets, created fair trade, brought prosperity and any heightened levels of success to the millions of people out of work, those seeking a hope for their survival. The wealth of the nation has not been more reasonable shared, nor used to create any activities that would ease the ongoing suffering of millions of people, desperately seeking food and shelter and a chance to live without fear of shortage. They have neither invested the countries money into any schemes that are observably sharing wealth or well-being with anyone but the rich. The wealth of the top 1% of earners has been seen to have doubled over the past decade, despite everyone else having austerity enforced upon them.


The justice system of this country once an avid upholder of justice, has seen expensive trials paid for by the taxpayers, bring no-one to account for the deaths of many innocent people, Diana Spencer and Dodi Fayed the most obvious to note. A large number of serving politicians, accused of child sex offences, are being allowed to go unquestioned to this very day about these allegations.  The expenses scandals are quickly swept under the carpet as few politicians are brought to trial for the crimes of deception that they sometimes knowingly commit.

The governments of this country have for decades been undoing the effectiveness of the services provided, claiming that there is not enough money to deliver decent health care, or social care or amenities on the budgets they have, whilst selling the national responsibility to private companies who run solely for profit above service. And they continue to spend vast sums of money on the armed forces and foreign wars instead of tackling the lack of funding for what the people of this country really need. Better health care, education and public services.

The governments’ current policies on affordable homes is insufficient and way behind target. The houses being built are substandard and have not been designed with sustainability, the environment or the needs of modern families in mind. They are neither really affordable for working people, who now spend almost half if not more of their income on their accommodational needs. Few working couples/people can actually afford the repayments for these houses, even if they can get the deposits and move in. The amount of repossessions of properties is clear evidence of this fact.

In the pursuance of making trade fair the government are pushing through the TTIP, TPP which are secretly negotiated trade deals benefitting hugs corporations across the globe, whom will then act with only self interest to their shares and profits, and even sue countries who seek to challenge their dominance and control of the trade markets. All of this in secret with no comeback by ordinary people, thus making both democracy and human rights a thing of the past.

To balance out this somewhat scathing inference that our leaders and Monarchy care little about you and I, let’s look at what they actually do for us, to demonstrate their servitude to us, or their role of our spiritual heads of religion or social justice.

Oh there are none…

Unless you consider the mismanagement of every national service that were once the pride of the modern world. Rail and bus services, health and social care services. Broadcasting and journalism, trade and utility services…..

We’re totally buggered to be fair. The only freedom you currently have is breathing, and even that is being affected by the dropping of harmful chemicals into the skies above us. Our water and food intakes are being irrevocably interfered with, again for corporate needs to be met rather than our actual need being met. Every movement of our day is monitored by forces unseen but powerfully aware of where we are and what we are doing. We are forced to work longer hours for less pay and with fewer benefits and services to compensate, to keep a system alive that is at the end of its days. The capitalist system has collapsed and the reality has just not hit home yet. The lie that it will ever reward all those willing to invest in it is crumbling before our very eyes, only the completely ignorant do not see or believe this. The overwhelming evidence that a resource based economy cannot outlive a finite based resource world is beyond question. And yet the illusion is upheld as they squirrel away more and more supplies for the collapse that they know is being understood and will be witnessed very soon.

Be aware, your government do not have your best interests at heart nor do they serve you. If they did you would feel it and see it in evidence, and there would be no need for anyone to suffer needlessly, now would there?
There are still people who are aiming to help reorganise this structure and uphold decency and justice, but they are few and far between it would seem, and have little access to the spaces where real change could be implemented on a large scale. Caroline Lucas and a handful of other politicians are the small vestiges of hope left in that arena.

I’m not a ‘huge’ fan of Russell Brand for many reasons, but on occasion he does make quite resounding if not comical sense of the establishment and its’ hypocrisies, for there are many. Please follow the link here:

It is in my humble opinion worth a few minutes of your day.

Please take some time to review what I am saying, the reasons for my saying it, and the choices you may make as a result of these considerations. It is within your hands to make the changes you wish to see in the world. If you are happy as things are and don’t want to do anything about it, then that’s also your freedom of choice, so don’t be disappointed if others make your choices for you without your consent.
And most importantly, have a great day in the full knowledge that your destiny is in your hands. It’s not what you think that matters, it is what you do…..

Have you the courage to be Daring?
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Love and Peace.