Saturday, 14 May 2016

The darkest con of man.

The darkest con of man.
Power in their hands not ours.

As the light arrives we see that the light is in fact only a reflection of the darkness manifest in a void of nothingness.” P.W.

Who believes that there is anything that we have a choice over? Are you really that sure the reality before you is not yet another layer of the deception created before we were even thought of? And can we indeed have a way to reconcile the desire to live differently to the way we have done, a way that evidently fails to give lasting happiness and a cessation of suffering?

For a timeless age, men have thought to go beyond the limits of our thinking. Developments and experiences have helped us to believe that a way to be better than we have is possible. Also that religion and science can do battle yet not supply all the answers to vital questions, things that commonly elude us and are as phantoms on the ether is ever the debate at large. Yet in that space, exists a hope for the dreamers amongst us to believe that a way out of constant struggling could arrive and relieve us of the doubts we hold about our purpose here on earth, our reason to be alive at all.

Many well respected people theorise, hypothesis and rationalise these questions, many fools also offer opinion and come to similar conclusions no doubt. Relative truth says we may never know. That we will always look for the answers in vain, because we fail to see that our starting point is potentially flawed by our ego. This is where I myself keep coming back to.

I struggle to understand how we humans imagine we have any real power and dominion over the other aspects of the planet, our environment and other beings. The reality of this is not based upon any facts, evidence or truth, but simply upon a decision that it is such. To me, this is self-evident that we maintain a collective psychosis and mental ineptitude towards our place in this space and in this time.

Carl Sagan the renowned  astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist said something to this affect when he spoke of us as the mote of blue dust in the cosmos, and the work that he pioneered to reveal this conclusion.

And yet here we still are, contemplating the universe and the cosmos as if we have a place to create and decide fate, over mere observation of its grand power and majesty. I personally feel we are too insignificant in this realm to seriously conclude our importance above any other aspect of that reality. The one thing we often fail to achieve it would appear, is to accept ourselves as an equal in this sphere of existence. Not greater, not lesser, just another part of the complexity and enormity of it all.

But to the matter closer to home, our thoughts about what we can control, what we can have a dominion over. I observe that the current system of human affairs, the political, economic, socio-demographic, scientific and religious are being controlled at a level way above our heads in terms of the general population. We are led to believe that we have an active participatory role in the world in which we live, one that we collectively have total control over. By this I mean, Joe Bloggs feels sure that he has a direct input into what happens for his or her benefit. That he can chose where he lives and what he eats and when he sleeps and what car he drives, etc…

But is this completely rational and even partly true, if not completely true?

I aim to demonstrate that this is in fact not the case at all and that the darkest con of mankind ever to have been told is that we are free. That freedom, real freedom can exist at all.

I aim to show just how nothing is ever disconnected from anything else and that in reality connectedness is actually the truth of our learning and experience. If this were true then surely it favours acceptance, for to resist would and will create more of the feelings associated with suffering and pain. Happiness would be the current baseline if we were to accept the good with the bad on even terms and control with lack of control with equal measure.

An example of connectedness: Whenever it is windy, the air pressure can make items that are not fixed to the floor move to another place. Depending on certain factors the item will move greater or lesser distance relative to its origin. Weight, position relative to the pressure, altitude, material make up and shape can all have greater or lesser effects on this movement. But the wind (pressure) has a noticeable effect upon all items regardless, even if it seems initially imperceptible. A tornado/hurricane for example has greater capacity for moving items at its heart, the vortex than at the outer reaches of its reach, but it still wreaks havoc on the surface as it passes across.

A stone thrown into a pond affects the immediate area of water more than the farther outreaches of its impression, but we cannot determine accurately just how that movement can travel and where it no longer has any affect.

A word of consolation, empathy, kindness and shared with love can often be observed to have moved people in ways that were not thought possible. Hate creates ill feeling and depression, love builds up the weak and finds outcomes that reach beyond mere physical boundaries.

But to the meat of my discussion, the topic I wish to challenge us all to consider more fully. Who if not us, has the control of what others do or decide to do?

It has come to my attention that we are not as free to choose an outcome as we had previously thought would be the case. Many of us imagine that it is our right to have a democratic system that gives us the choice, a chance to determine our own freedoms, the outcomes of selective choice, but can we honestly say that occurs in practice. The vote on the EU in or out for example. Britain has a choice we are told, stay in Europe and be semi governed by the bureaucrats of Brussels, or leave and regain our own position in terms of cooperation and trade. (This is the simplified version of course)

We are told we have a free vote as to the decision our country will take. (Note that this is predominantly told to us by our minority proportionally (24% of the voting electorate) elected government. The same government whom are now taking apart any semblance of democracy we once had and selling it off to the highest corporate bidders. The arguments for in and out are equally compelling I see, depending upon your leanings of corporate, cooperativeness or socialist tendency. We have clearly been affected by improvements to the human rights issues, the court of justices have already brought a few people to trial for war crimes committed over past decades. Laws that have helped employees and workers have more safeguards in place and quotas for the fair share of resources are amongst the outcomes of the EU since its conception.

However have you also considered to whom either of these arguments in or out matter the most? Is it of any concern to trade between company’s if we were in or out? Many say that by staying in we are giving carte blanche to TTIP. We imagine that may be one of the outcomes of course, but is it really?

I beg you to consider closely, does it matter to the people who own the corporations with which hand they take from you? Is it not clearly evident that certain families own all the corporations in some way, connecting the dots could reveal much that we fail to consider relevant. I believe that as long as they think that you are occupied with trivialities such as which bunch of bureaucrats have governance, you won’t see anything of the truth that they are closing the gap on any freedoms that may once have existed. There is no such thing as free trade or even fair trade, the controlling powers of the world own it all and prescribe what you and I will have, and what we are allowed to believe.

Please feel free to challenge my premise, I am not saying that I AM correct, merely that we ought to consider the possibility that we are without any power at all over this matter. It has long ago been decided by others, who receive what and when. For some time now it is corporations who have made headway in the realms of what they own and what power to control markets they have. Whilst most of us have been busy trying to make a better life for ourselves and our immediate families they have been taking apart the framework of real democracy, leaving us all prone to abuse at the very highest level.

Just think about this for a moment. Why do they need to be able to sue governments? (Government money is effectively the property of the ordinary people) Are they not actually being given a fair share of matters that can help their business grow? Why are so many monopolies taking the place of fair share? If they were not so focussed on growth, profit as the reason for being in business then couldn’t they, no shouldn’t they be happy with what they have already? Look at what a corporation is. The sole function of a corporation today, is to make obscene profits for its shareholders. Not what they were originally chartered to achieve, but what they have morphed into. Is the reason for a corporation to make the world a better more fair and equal place? Is it to create wealth for everyone and share it equitably, whilst working within the bounds of sustainability and responsibility to the environment and people? Do they care about the shortfall of life giving resources that are being taken at such alarming rates, purely to feed the greedy profiteers?
I imagine that you are saying NO they are not??

Another thing I feel compelled to mention which again indicates a pattern of corporate plundering.
Who benefits from WAR?

Ordinary civilians trying to live a simple life and raise families? Or the people whom sell the weapons of war and trade of them?

When you consider the amount of money (public assets don’t forget) that goes into weapons, soldiers and warfare generally, does it not seem a tad odd that that figure is obscenely larger than anything that is spent on the preservation of life and liberty. Oh yes they will tell you that war gives people their freedom and liberty. I say ask yourself whom has gained that from war? Fighting the war on terror with our money, has that lessened terrorism or increased it?
I often wonder why I have been so blinkered and effortlessly stupid to have believed that rhetoric at all….

It is this simple, Corporations make money from war, as they do from medicines, pharmaceutical companies researching treatments for diseases that had once not existed, and stuff. Rubbish that does not give us freedom but slavery to it.

So please, take a few minutes to digest what I have carefully offered here as another perspective. It is one mad mans view perhaps of the way tyrannical governments have been manipulating the masses, under the control not of the general publics’ say so, but of others. These people whose despotism and ego, knows no bounds to human kindness or empathy to human life, animals, species yet to be discovered and the planet itself.

Sadly there is seriously only one other option. As the great soul that was Gandhi once said;
“They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience.”
In other words, You can beat me, you can break my bones, even kill me. Then you will have my dead body. But you will not have my obedience unless I give it to you”.

NON-COMPLIANCE to the rule of tyranny, peaceful disobedience is the only thing we will ever have a control over.

It isn’t easy of course, fear of what might happen often takes people back into the control environment of the others. But it is the thing that once resolved within our hearts to do, can release us all from the suffering under oppression. Stand united, stand in solidarity against the power of these tyrants and the system will unravel and real justice and true freedom can come to the fore. A better world is possible, it is within our power to make that happen.

John Lennon once clearly pointed out, we can have peace, war is over!  if you want it… He said.

Have a great day, and enjoy the light that reveals true love.

Peaceful Warrior.