Thursday, 15 March 2012

Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Am I the only person to get a little bit down or disappointed when people cannot or do not live up to the promises they make?

I know that I am far from perfect and in respect of that, I try never to say yes to things or offer help when I am not sure it is/will be possible to fulfill. We all think that we can do more than we really can I have noticed over the years, no more so than from my own lack of adherence to said promises. My intentions were mostly honorable and yet I could not always live up to not only others expectations, but my own too. So I take this into consideration when things don't seem to be reciprocated or acted upon, as a personal defense against feeling let down, disappointed or hurt. 

As you can tell from the tone of my message, I still have some difficulty with acceptance.. 

I get that not everyone is well meaning. That not everyone doesn't actually believe that they could fulfill the promises they make, or that people are sometimes a bit self important, egoistic or just plain forgetful. They/I, don't/didn't mean to let someone down, give a false hope, or be remiss in attending to a human courtesy, but it does happen, and I feel that by mentioning it here, the offending person/s will rot in hell, their balls will drop off realise that a bit more thought should go into the words coming out of their mouths. 

I am not here to blame or cuss anyone, I am simply trying to work out in myself why I would care that I feel uneasy about it, and why I placed so much expectation in what they said, as half the time I have never even met these people nor know what their reasons could be for their behaviour, or their dialogues or their promises.

My true friends are the ones I have had for (some over 44 years) ages,
the ones who are there when I have something to celebrate as well as when bad times roll in. They say what needs to be said despite fear. As I want to be a true friend, to them to every one I now meet also, I attempt to put brain into gear before speaking, thus avoiding unnecessary shit words coming out, or promises I cannot or won't be able to keep.

If you are reading this, I hope that you take what is being lovingly said as a token of my love and attempt at discussing openly the depth of disgust empathy I have towards the given topic. If you think that I am talking to you now, then you are too fucking paranoid   sure to review what you might have said and what I might have taken from that. If you commit suicide take it with a pinch of salt as I hope, then things may improve without you feeling like a useless piece of crap foolish talker.

I have no intention of mentioning names Jack for the purpose of embarrassing you or telling tales, merely that we can all look a bit more clearly into the effects our promises will have if we are lazy lax or forgetful.

So rant over, please get back to something more interesting than my idle doubts about other peoples motives or integrity.

Seriously now, may the love of my heart be enough to bring about a new dawn for care of each other, working for the good of others before ourselves..

Peaceful Warrior.


  1. LMAO! Oh my, you have indeed pinpointed one of our greatest aberrations--the human failure in all of us. We battle this self-centered part on a daily basis....and, as you have so eloquently stated, some more than others. Some seem quite content making the same mistakes, breaking the same promises, and repeating the wreckage.

    The rest of us that confront and war daily with our selfish tendencies, attempting to nurture the gentle and trustworthy part of us....we will forever live frustrated with the asses in life. Best to be done with them and move on.

    I much enjoyed your rant, do feel better!

  2. Thank you CHANTEL for this lovely comment. I hope/am glad that the point came across without offending anyone. That would be worse for me than the lack of response from the people that raised the topic for issue in the first place. I have no malice towards them, only love, and I am a continual supporter of their fine blogs regardless.

    As I promised, both to you and everyone who comments on my blogs,(before I forget and end up being the person described in the post) I send you a hug (another) for the love you put into response. I hope this may be the beginning to a succession of hugs for years to come.

    And by the way.... Your blog is now featured on my website and other blogs, it's the least I can do to share you with the world.

    Your esteemed follower,
    Peaceful Warrior.

  3. Thanks for you comments on my blog and for your empathy. I am glad I found you.
    Love, Lo

  4. You are most welcome Lo.
    I have been reading for a few weeks now and hadn't been bold enough to comment before as you have a huge following of people. I am fascinated by the wealth of subjects you cover tho' so be sure you will hear from me again.

    In the meantime, you well deserve the HUG being sent to you here.
    (see below for visual version of the hug)

    Big hug.