Monday, 5 March 2012



I have been putting this theory of mine to the test over the past few years.
What would happen if I became more gentle ?

The truth is, I really believe that we are inherently a gentle race. I know, I know, we have not been showing it in the main over the centuries with such bloodshed that even horror movies would be made to look like children's films. But I do think and feel the truth of this when I see the way in which people randomly (Or not so randomly) come to the aid of someone in plight. Instinctively we react to the news of trouble with a concern for what can be done to help. It is later that we start to add up the cost to our bank balances and draw back from assistance, (for fear that we will not have enough for our luxuries) and then readjust our approach and zealousness. I wonder just how much of the hundreds of millions we supposedly gave to the various crisies around the globe actually arrived??? I bet they are still waiting for most of it, whilst some office bod decides on protocol and the like. Admit it, our leaders and politicians make wonderful claims, and actually have nothing to back it up with.
But to me this does explain our instinctive desire to be gentle and find resolution in the basic resonance of our spirits. How many of us can pass a person in the street who has fallen without offering to help them up? Some yes, but it is not that difficult to show a gentleness is it?
Then when we see children being victims of abuse, don't we try and put ourselves out to assist the resolution to their suffering? Then that surely is evidence of our caring and gentle nature. For certain groups of society (Children and the less abled) wouldn't we go the extra mile and do whatever is needed to help? Despite whatever we think about who really benefits from charity, we still give hundreds of millions each year from our own pockets to help them to help others. Even if this is a distance type of help it is still going to have an impact on others and is a direct result of the gentleness we desire to give to others of our race. What a pity that the real issues of poverty and homelessness are not tackled by those with the power and influence to do so, whilst they occupy themselves with pumping up their bank accounts.
But, since I found that there is gentleness within me, I have vowed to use it more often to assist others. (As often as I can remember to, along with making all the other evolutionary changes within myself) Giving is the best medicine to cure the hearts desire to feel alive. Gentleness comes to those that inculcate the changes in their thinking and push for giving good gifts to others as a matter of action rather than thought.

How can you be the change without doing anything?

(To steal a quote from the Matrix)
Don't think you can, know you can.!
This implies some action.

Allow your gentleness room for action soon, today even, and you can enjoy the feelings of greater contentment and happiness.
I promise you won't regret it as your spirit expands to become more gentle.

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