Friday, 27 September 2013



The world is going Mad!
Isn't it?

The cure to this madness in the end comes down to us, we the people. To wake up and share the things we have, know and can work together at producing, or it will be the end for all of us. The future for our race is in our fragile hands. Do good things with them....

Yes, I hear you screaming....
He's gone mad, he's finally flipped his lid and the lift has stopped half way up to the top floor....

There are way too many statements made here, far too much critical analysis of the situation to be useful or constructive. 

Is that so?

So tell me please. What exactly do you disagree with?

Is it that you have been manipulated since birth to believe in a truth that is not. Or that the freedom you believe you possess is actually blind slavery to others. Dark forces that are controlling everything, including your choices.

Let's try to look at this, ignorance aside, in a spirit of openness and clarity, so that we can let reason and evidence come to the fore. Can we try to look at this also without a real blame attitude towards everyone except ourselves? I include myself in this too. I am not a victim, despite that I recognize the duplicity of the world and our masters. Let's discuss what I meant by, the world is going mad.

Madness: definitions;

madness (ˈmædnɪs



  1. insanity; lunacy
  2. extreme anger, excitement, or foolishness
  3. a nontechnical word for rabies


= insanity, mental illness, delusion, mania, dementia, ,distraction aberration, psychosis, lunacy, craziness, derangement, psychopathy
= foolishness, nonsense, folly, absurdity, idiocy, wildness, daftness, foolhardiness, preposterousness

Quotations including 'madness'

  • "We are all born mad. Some remain so" [Samuel Beckett
  • "Though this be madness, yet there's method in't" [William Shakespeare
  • "O! that way madness lies; let me shun that" [William Shakespeare
  • "What is a more irrefutable proof of madness than an inability to have a doubt?" [Sir Peter Ustinov

Do you see any of these definitions relating to the world of today, in particular our thirst for material greed and war, ahead of sharing and caring? Just look at the noun descriptions; lunacy, extreme anger. Are they not descriptions of how we have become towards every social issue, predominantly the financial state of affairs, and our preoccupation with acquiring material goods in the respect of what that has done to the ecology of our planet? Then lets look at synonyms; unrestraint, fanaticism, absurdity, and distraction to pick just a few at random. Do we not see these terms fitting the state of our world both locally and globally? Everyday we hear of crimes not just of mercy but of such grossly disproportionate violence and cruelty, that many people cannot go to sleep for fear of the reprisals and bloodshed. And I'm not talking just about criminal gangs here, I'm talking about the crimes of humanity and of war against unarmed civilians done by supposed civilized nations. Does our thirst for new technology and jewellery and clothes and fame and fortune not mean we are depleting the resources of earth at such a rate, there will be nothing left in less than 50-100 years?
“So we'll be dead then,” people say, “who cares?” Well I do for one. 

War has been raging across the planet for ever it would seem. And in all this time it appears that no-one in a position of power ever declared a desire to try the one thing we have never tried, in combating it; giving peace a chance. 

If you wonder why we do this,(the collective of society) when clearly ordinary people don't benefit from war, ask your self who does benefit? The answer will come to you quite quickly if you wait a moment or two. But are you brave enough to accept the answer you make for yourself based upon the evidences before us all? O.K. I'll hint, for those of you that can't quite grasp the point. Do poor people, slaves, and servants, and the most deprived of the worlds populations that live in drought ridden countries benefit one cent? Who gets the money and the rights and subsequently the power?

That's right. You now have a better idea who benefits from warfare don't you?

So who would benefit from our sharing? Who would lose out if we took it upon ourselves to rebel against the tired old system of inactions against the greatest crimes of civilizations?

Let's do the definition thing again here.


share1 (ʃɛə



  1. a part or portion of something owned, allotted to, or contributed by a person or group
  2. often plural any of the equal parts, usually of low par value, into which the capital stock of a company is divided: ownership of shares carries the right to receive a proportion of the company's profits See also ordinary shares, preference shares


  1. tr often foll by out to divide or apportion, esp equally
  2. when intr, often foll by in to receive or contribute a portion of ⇒ we can share the cost of the petrol, six people shared in the inheritance
  3. to join with another or others in the use of (something) ⇒ can I share your umbrella?

Derived Forms

ˈsharable, ˈshareable adjective
ˈsharer noun

Word Origin

Old English scearu; related to Old Norse skor amount, Old High German scara crowd; see shear


= divide, split, distribute, assign, apportion, parcel out, divvy up
= go halves on, divide, go fifty-fifty on, go Dutch on

I think that we are getting the idea now. If we shared all of our wealth, split, distribute, be that the resources of the planet and the material things they can produce, no-one would have to suffer needlessly. Not even the present elite and rich classes of our world. Why wouldn't this be the best case scenario?

Ah yes, lack of power of course.... They need that, it's like oxygen to them. Greed breeds more greed. And we the poor and the stupid, are fodder for their greed machines.

Seriously, joking aside, and without malice; who amongst us doesn't think this might just help to solve a time elapsed puzzle? Greed breeds more greed, and sharing breeds more caring....

Take a look at this film and see if it doesn't make a kind of sense that has been missing from our consciousness for a long time.

Zeitgeist 2007

I'm gonna love ya and leave ya for a day or so, and I hope my bullet doesn't come too swiftly. Standing up to the bullies is a dangerous choice. Ask Gandhi, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King Jr. amongst so many other great hero's.

And as I always like to end a piece on a high, here is a radio show clip that is all about this idea of sharing, doing more individually for the collective and nature.
Mystic Mandy & Belle Salisbury Discuss:

What is the Path of the Lotus?

Love, Peace and Light to you all, my world.

Peaceful Warrior.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Are We Not Equal ?

Are We Not Equal ?

What is it that makes us believe we are meant to be different, not equal to one another? Are we not all born of a woman, sired by a father and a product of the marvellous creative process called life?

As far as it goes, in literal terms we are all created equal. Equal under god as one poet once said, and coined by the American constitution. Then why is it that depending upon mainly geographic criteria, and economic background, we as human beings segregate ourselves into groups?

Most notably the have's and the have-not's. Rich and poor, socially mobile or not, the strong and the weak, the black and the white. I hardly need to say that many people have queried this throughout human history and to no great, unanimous conclusion. And yet still we are plagued by societies that proffer the idea that separateness and individuality is to be praised above all else. Can this be a beneficial way to continue if fairness is to be the victor? I hardly think so. Whilst I understand the common idea of individuality and uniqueness, we are none the less not completely unique nor individual.
A few examples of what I mean:

As human beings we are restricted to one way of taking in nourishment to the body. Same for the animal kingdom in the main. Eating food and drink through the mouth. (We can inject substances, i.e. drip feeding, but let's not get pedantic here) So this process means that we are not 'free' from this sameness therefore not unique.
We all need to breathe oxygen, and to sleep and to release the waste products from our bodies. We all need the attentions and love of other human beings or animals to feel loved and connected.
We share the same environment, the earth. We have to work to produce things and to be able to have satisfaction from our endeavours. And we all have to admit that our actions have an affect upon others, directly or otherwise if we live in close quarters to one another.

Segregating ourselves:

At some points during history we took opportunity to move away from one another and begin new colonies. We spread abroad as it were to find new adventures and to discover the planet upon which we reside. We found so many useful things that have helped us to create all the things we have today. I venture to say that upon reflection, some of these things have had a negative, even completely destructive aspect to them. The H bomb, weapons, drilling for oil and energy resources to name a few.
We raised boarders, fences and walls to keep away from one another. We created nationality and social structures and conditioning and took away the freedom to move freely upon the surface of the planet. If the results of this have been very good, why are so many people unhappy and dissatisfied with the way things are? If people were made happy by this wouldn't we already have peace and no need for wars?
If love had seen to it that everyone was treated as equals wouldn't we have a world with no fear or hatred? 

I feel like I'm making so many more questions than there are answers to them. But I note that this may be due to my feeling that the answer to most of these topics/questions is the same. Acceptance of our interconnectedness, our oneness, our being co-joined in each and every action. Perhaps the clue is in the experience of what life gives us. 


Are you paying attention yet?

Are you going to do something about it?

So to draw to a conclusion, we are not so separate and as individual as we would like to believe. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for the egos out there, but we are all the same deep down. We just have different ways of displaying it and of interpreting the life we are given to live. I challenge anyone to describe how we can ever be totally unique and individual. Especially if many people eventually copy us and what we do....

Human beings in the main, have the same physical make-up. Our organs and intellects follow the same structure as all of the other people alive. What we may have is a difference given by an act of choice, but not as an act of nature making us completely unique. I realise some people will want to argue that our personalities and souls are unique, and to some degree I can accept this. Still we need each other, to be happy and to survive.
The reality of our experience, our existence is showing us that we are in fact not separate from one another. The planetary bodies around our solar system even have a direct affect upon us here on earth, despite the distance of space visibly between us. The sun, the moon and meteorites all present this planet earth with energy and force changing properties. The same is true for human beings. When one of us makes our decision about a new pair of shoes, an I-phone, a burger at the fast food restaurant, or even a glass of water, we are using the assistances of tens of thousands of people, worldwide.
So let's face it, we are not separate at all. We need each other and we need to be acting towards one another in a way that shows respect and honour of that. And for the planet and it's ecosystems and the wildlife and the resources it gives us freely to use. What each one of us does, has an affect upon the rest of us, upon the whole of life and existence.

What will we do about this?

I urge each and everyone of us, to be more kind and generous. To be more loyal, sincere, honest and trustworthy. This may be the only way to show we are going to save ourselves from extinction and further millennia of suffering.

Be the change we wish to see in the world, everyone..!

Love and light and peace to all of you my brothers and sisters.


Peaceful Warrior.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Polarity Shift.

Polarity Shift.

I have to forget to remember,
And then I have to remember to forget.

Sounds a bit daft doesn't it? A polarity of one against the other, to lose one to find the other. So what do I mean in this conundrum? Is there a logic or any reason to be found in what I'm suggesting here?
Well first of all how about some clarity on the terminology. A way to discern the subject from common explanations of the matter at hand.


forget (fəˈɡɛt



-gets, -getting, -got, -gotten (archaic, dialect) -got
  1. when tr, may take a clause as object or an infinitive to fail to recall (someone or something once known); be unable to remember
  2. tr; may take a clause as object or an infinitive to neglect, usually as the result of an unintentional error
  3. tr to leave behind by mistake
  4. tr to disregard intentionally
  5. when tr, may take a clause as object to fail to mention

Derived Forms

forˈgettable adjective
forˈgetter noun

Word Origin

Old English forgietan; related to Old Frisian forgeta, Old Saxon fargetan, Old High German firgezzan


= fail to remember, not remember, not recollect, let slip from the memory, fail to bring to mind,
= neglect, overlook, omit, not remember, be remiss, fail to remember
= leave behind, lose, lose sight of, mislay
= dismiss from your mind, ignore, overlook, stop thinking about, let bygones be bygones, consign to oblivion, put out of your mind

Quotations including 'forget'

  • "An elephant never forgets"


remember (rɪˈmɛmbə



  1. to become aware of (something forgotten) again; bring back to one's consciousness; recall
  2. to retain (an idea, intention, etc) in one's conscious mind ⇒ to remember Pythagoras' theorem, remember to do one's shopping
  3. tr to give money, etc, to (someone), as in a will or in tipping
  4. tr foll by to to mention (a person's name) to another person, as by way of greeting or friendship ⇒ remember me to your mother
  5. tr to mention (a person) favourably, as in prayer
  6. tr to commemorate (a person, event, etc) ⇒ to remember the dead of the wars

Derived Forms

reˈmemberer noun

Word Origin

C14: from Old French remembrer, from Late Latin rememorārī to recall to mind, from Latin re- + memor mindful; see memory


= recall, think back to, recollect, reminisce about, retain, recognize, call up, look back on, hark back to, summon up, call to mind, cast your mind back to,
= don't forget, be sure, be certain, make sure that you, mind that you
= bear in mind, not forget, keep in mind, take into account the fact, not lose sight of the fact, take into consideration the fact, be mindful of the fact
= look back (on), celebrate, salute, commemorate, pay tribute to
= cherish, prize, treasure, hold dear
= memorize, retain, commit to memory, learn by heart

Perhaps more to the point of this debate I could suggest that we should look at it this way.

Re – member... To put back together that which was separated.

The point I feel is in this look at the significance of the word remember. Putting back together members of the body (literally of figuratively) so that order, normality and wholeness are resumed to the body. In the case of knowledge; to reunite the parts of the information so that a clearer picture is restored of the original image. When we do this we can find happiness again in being returned to wholeness. As human beings are we not suffering, or having the feelings we call suffering, when everything feels out of kilter, detached and randomly connected with no strong bonds of attachment? What would be the purpose of remembering, if it were not to come from a point of having forgotten? Polar opposites cannot be, if there is not something they are not, comparatively. One does not exist, even as a concept if there is not an opposite, something that it is not.....!

O.K. So my logic and reason are limited to the human ability to perceive a greater truth. But within the confines of the ability of our conscious mind and current experiences here on earth or in this place in the cosmos, don't we have to start from some points of reference if we want to arrive at some conclusions that may help and further our search for knowledge and truth? Right before we go on to find and discover new and currently unfathomable truths...

Yes it does seem like a merry go round of experience doesn't it. Hence the original conundrum. We can only know a something, by experience of it. Theoretically we can only strategise a knowledge, contemplate the possibilities and what the results might be. With experience, comes wisdom, the application of the knowledge so to speak, that gives us a factual result.

How often do we see political strategies fail, because the reality is far different to the supposed outcome. Same for banking financial theorizing. They forget to include the greed factor in their projections and the who benefits from the decision argument. Likewise with relationships, people often forget to factor in personal choice and free will, along with tastes, preferences and social acceptability. Assuming everyone is the same is a complete theoretical nightmare. In practice we find that people are individuals and therefore react differently on occasion, and respond to various stimuli. What looks good on paper may well be a disaster in the flesh. No pun intended.

So how can we possibly avert the suffering of experiences over the inability to predict the outcomes?

Maybe we could accept more and expect less. We could shift our limited thinking and ability to reason by allowing more possibilities and learning from the experiences of these in our future attempts to avoid suffering. Actually this is what we do in the main, our humanity is always moving this way, despite a history littered with merciless killings and downright evil. Without these we could not hope for a better and fairer world. If we don't accept what the lessons of the past are, we may never move into a time when we make better choices.

The problems of the world, and the life we are experiencing is self made. It actually exists in our minds, in our ability to perceive the good from the bad, and determine which we want to follow. Sure many people are suffering in ways that don't seem to be self made, but I urge each and everyone to review this ardently. As a collective of society we have and are doing this. Poverty for example is not caused by lack of food provided for by our planet, or the amount of resources. It is caused by greed and geography and the human disdain for sharing fairly and proportionately. Global pollution is not caused by the planet but by human beings. Deforestation is not always caused by natural disaster, more often by human beings inability to consider the outcomes of our actions. Economic disasters as we have all felt worldwide are not nor have ever been caused by money or the planet. They are caused by human beings who are too greedy and uncompromising with the resources of the planet and a desire to be more personally successful and wealthy. People who would rather tell untruths about their greed and recklessness than be fair, open and honest about their dealings.

From the other side, we can see that love has made us a formidable power in the universe. We co-create so many things in our ever expanding experiences of our being whom we are. We display enormous passion and vitality towards new ventures and have risen above pettiness in so many ways. Millions of the people alive are constantly and determinedly empowering the global consciousness toward a breakthrough in awareness, that will possibly shift the polarity of our extremes towards love.

In all seriousness to carry on without regard to what we have learned from history, we soon will be...!

History that is.

So back to the thread of the debate. Why do we forget? So that through the experiences we have we can remember, what we did that didn't work to bring unity and harmony and a properly functioning result.

Why do we remember? Surely for the very same reason. To further the knowledge and experiences and release evidence of how not to do things, and how better to do things in the present moment, which is NOW...!

So is one better than the other? Is forgetting superior to remembering?

I hardly think you need an answer from me. What I see is this. I always choose the one that feels better to my soul, to my being and my best vision of whom I choose to be.

Please my dear brothers and sisters, let your choices display yours.

Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.


Peaceful Warrior.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

You Know...

You Know...

Why on earth do people always say this during a conversation? Some say it more than once per sentence which is kind of funny, yet somewhat alarming.....!

Example; I went to work this morning, you know and this guy right, yer know, well he said to me, ya know, how long have you been single? Well I nearly flipped my rocker you know, how very dare he say that to me, yer know, bloody cheeky git, ya know.

All right so I may have over egged it a bit, you know...
D'ya get me?

It's funny because it is obvious the person talking is not listening, to them selves or to you. Or better said they are not paying attention. For if they were, if they were reading your attention and your responses, your body language they would already know if you were listening to them, and would not have to ask if you knew (understood) what they were gabbling on about. To be honest I have caught myself doing it, and cringed. But I have tried to make a mental note not to do it, you know... so that my conversations don't become too boring and uninteresting to be listened to.

I'm sure you will recognise it in yourselves too. But is it that terrible? Is it a bad indication of your lack of intelligence and or interest in paying attention when you speak, and to others responses to your dialogue?

Lets look at this a bit deeper. Psychologist would have a field day over this I reckon. Past traumas and abuse from those of our responsible elders, in teaching us the art of conversation and communications. O.k. it may have begun long ago, and been deeply ingrained in us, to speak without listening to the content and context of our conversations. Perhaps we were not listened to as children, or maybe we felt as though we weren't, more to the point. I am sure this happened to me, I felt like a ghost in my house. That's why I retaliated like a nightmare to my parents....!!!
Seriously, I'm sure that I felt as though my comments were worthless, that I was not enough to be taken seriously and believed by the people around me. I used to write stories to mice who lived in my skirting boards and under the floors of our farm house, because they always listened and responded to me. Perhaps this was not your experience, mine could be a severe case. Maybe it sent me mad, maybe it made me strong as a fighter. But one thing is for sure, I adopted this, you know what I mean ending to each sentence. It has taken me an absolute age to rid myself of this constant habit, until I can make fun of it, do you know what I mean?

Anyway I am sure that this was what sparked this behaviour and lack of attention to listening better. Now I wait patiently for the other to finish and pause before I respond with my responses. (Some may argue against this) Because it matters to me to be heard too. I try to give all the relevant signals that I am listening and paying attention to the orator of the speech so that they can see if I get what they mean. Then they won't have to ask constantly for confirmation of my understanding. 

What are some of the signs that show we are listening to another persons dialogue?

Direct eye contact.
Nodding as if in agreement.
Shaking the head as if in disagreement.
Responsive remarks;
Yes, Ugh huh, and so on.
Blanking out noise and attentions to other things.
Facial gestures.
Hand gestures and body signals.
Not looking at our phones.


If we pay attention to what others are saying, despite the content we will be giving a valuable gesture of friendship to another. If the content is unimportant to us, that is fair to evaluate, but a bit of patience may be all the other person needs to feel loved and considered. (And beside we can always slag them off later or talk about them unkindly behind their backs) (This is a humorous attempt not an instruction I pray you understand, You know.....!) 


It may not feel like much, but I can assure you it matters to the speaker, hence the reason they are speaking. But if you feel the other person is speaking solely for the sake of speaking and hearing their own voice, I urge you, PLEASE; Don't be cruel, find a sympathetic way to explain this to them. Who knows what experiences led them to be this way. We can be so much better than we have been, and sharing our experiences and love and compassion will make the world of difference, just you try it and see.

Imagine, Eva Cassidy.

I love you all, thank you for listening to me....
(Assuming you are still reading....!)

(Responsive comments welcome, lol..)

Love, light, peace and hugs.
Peaceful Warrior.

Saturday, 14 September 2013


The pollutions of our time.

In my minds eye I can see a paradise full of love and where children run free, playing with the animals and tending to them every minute of the day. I see everyone smiling, happy and content with what life has given them. People of all races, creeds and social standings coming together in support of one another to share all that life has shared with them, freely. A place where one man is not greater than another, but his brother and his friend. A time when women can choose the freedom they wish to have and express themselves without fear of reproach or shame. In my minds eye I hold a dream of days when knowledge is not sold at a premium affordable only to the rich, because everyone is rich, knowing what they have is enough. In this world, no-one takes more than he needs to share with his family, and respect for the environment is not forgotten in demand for more than sufficiency.

In the real world, one created by mankind, few of these things are taken seriously. My dream is just that, a dream. An affable if not unrealistic dream. Children do not have the kind of freedom in the main, to be able to play without restriction, and they certainly rarely get the opportunity to play with the animals this way. The world we see before our eyes is not full of love. It has been decisively replaced by one where hate is encouraged at every corner. Evidence of love and the acts of love are evident if we look closely, however I think that any sensible person would agree they are becoming fewer, or harder to see in the mire man has created. I say man has created, because I am sure that we can recognise the evidence of what we as mankind have mutually brought to bear, each and every one of us. We, mankind, are the single most dominant feature in all of these events.

I often see some happy people as I go about my daily life, because I desperately want to believe they still exist. But I have no conclusive answers as to what has made them happy, I can only guess. The majority of people I see however cannot in my opinion be happy, as they do not display the traits of people happy and content with life. Not just miserable faces, full of grimace and dis-stain for the lot they have, but actively negative spirits that suck the goodness out of the air around them. Breeding fear and hate and contempt with each and every breath they take. Mumbling and grumbling about what bad luck they have and how life has sold them the bum deal, and how seriously they have been victimized by everyone else. Life just ain't fair to them....
So they get aggressive, defensive, obtuse, hateful, racist, bigoted, uncaring, spiteful, vengeful and even worse passive. Nations become exclusive, taking only what serves them as their priority, overlooking the effects that their greed will have on others of neighbouring countries, civilizations, societies and cultures. Wars have been going on for millennia over such trivialities, caused by greed for power and resources. Almost no respect for borders has been shown, especially by those that claim to be the most civilized and democratic of our nations. Personal rights, women's rights, children's rights, environmental rights, animal rights are always talked about but hardly ever confronted with any serious proposals for change, that are implementing global consideration and revolutionising thinking.

We have a united nations assembly full of people chattering about unity but showing little towards one another, always looking for serving the aim of being separate rather than co-operational and effective as leaders in unity. Each nation is stubborn to the end that their goals are met, without realising that inextricably the aims of everyone need to be met before we can have peace and security. This cannot happen whilst only the desires of a few nations reach the table of consideration.

Yes the mandate was clear, but it has not rid the world of greed and disunity nor can it in this mindset. There has to be willingness to cooperate. And because some people and countries have profited above what is reasonable, others, many others are suffering in dire circumstances and with terrible poverty. The rich are causing the poor to become poorer with little or no regard for the plight of those countries or the planet upon which we live. Global poverty and environmental concerns are shelved by those thirsts for more money, resources and ultimate power. And in the main, knowledge and the seat of learning are restricted to a few privileged individuals who can pay the ever increasing fees to such avenues.

So what can we, the people of earth do to redress the balances? Fight with hatred like we have done for centuries? Or find a new way to create a change?
By we I include everyone, however the rich will not be able to see themselves wholly in this group, as these issues don't apparently affect them, nor do they really want to give up their control of these balances in their favour. Fighting, the kind that involves violence as a tool to the fighter will never bring peace. The United Nations assembly have as a mockery on the façade of their building, a quotation from the Bible. 

It reads;
"They shall have to beat their swords into plow shares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war anymore."

Yet they themselves have a force of armed personnel, who act with violence if called for, in the aims of the assembly. Which in my mind is a direct contradiction of the ethos they stand for. Sadly mankind may never get away from such dichotomies as hypocrisy. Endeavours that favour select peoples will always leave behind the weak and the poor. Only those that determinedly fight for the rights of everyone can rid the world of pollution and corruption. You only have to look into any political arena to see the testimony of this fact. Expense scandals, back handers, bribes, blackmail, select committees, insider trading, closed club mentality, fraud, and a conditioning of never answering a question with an answer but another question. Subversion and diversion tactics can never be held up to the light of scrutiny like transparency and honesty.
O.k. so we all have flaws and weaknesses, myself included. But deception and lying are not mistakes. (I'll probably be made to eat these words one day, but I hope not as I endeavour to live this truth)

The world, the planet on which we reside and the people living upon it are in danger of losing all we have, and the cause of this event will be self destruct by man. We are like a psychotic killer who shows no compassion for his victims. We are going to be the victims of our own disaster if we do not wake up and take direct and immediate action to reverse the harm we have been doing on a global scale. It starts with us as individuals. What we each do, or contribute to doing has had and will continue to have an impact on our futures. If we want to destroy ourselves then all we have to do is nothing. Or nothing more than we have already. If we sincerely want a better, safer and fairer world then we must act, the danger is imminent and colossal. It is not some far off future event, but one right here and now. 

Have any people been doing anything about this problem? Has anyone thought about the ramifications of our conjoined actions?

Gratefully the answer is a resounding YES..!!!

However, I don't mean to sound unreasonable and unfair to them, but not nearly enough has been done, despite the best efforts of these warriors for change. What they have done is amazing and courteous towards real change. Al Gore has been campaigning for many years about global warming and climate changes.

 Greenpeace have been exposing destructive and exploitive behaviour for many years. 

Severn Cullis Suzuki, has been thorough in her attempts to raise awareness of ecological concerns practically her whole life. 

Others too many to mention have been heralding the deceit and lying and down right treasonable affairs of people and governments for centuries, especially the recent past affairs of the developed worlds leaders. Sadly most, if not all of these herald warriors have been summarily executed or disposed of by equally horrible means, by their revealed targets and co-conspirators. This practice will stop someday, as nobody will be left to quieten....
John Lennon, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus, Malcolm X, to name but a few brave souls that stood up to offer a buffer to exploitation of the masses, whom were silenced by hatred. However as is obvious by the fact that we are talking about their memories, their messages still go on today. They have not fought in vain, nor will their legends not live forever. They are immortal in spirit and we owe a debt of gratitude to these hero's for showing us what we otherwise would not have seen. Let's not let their messages die with our destructiveness and greed. Let not their efforts be in vain through our neglect and disrespect for life, love and peace amongst all men and women.

If we want a better world, a better dream come true, then we have to instigate change. Start with yourselves, share and spread that love until the world becomes infected by it. There are no side affects to love, believe it or not. Love is all we need.....

As sung by the genius that were the Beatles;
"Love is all you need."

As sung by the warrior that was John Lennon;
"Give peace a chance."

As sung by the warrior that was Bob Marley;
"One Love."

And when we have decided that our pollutions are enough, we can change what we have done and do something new. I just hope that will come before we have destroyed ourselves and the planet completely.

Lots of energy coming out to you, with love, light and peace.

Peaceful Warrior.