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The pollutions of our time.

In my minds eye I can see a paradise full of love and where children run free, playing with the animals and tending to them every minute of the day. I see everyone smiling, happy and content with what life has given them. People of all races, creeds and social standings coming together in support of one another to share all that life has shared with them, freely. A place where one man is not greater than another, but his brother and his friend. A time when women can choose the freedom they wish to have and express themselves without fear of reproach or shame. In my minds eye I hold a dream of days when knowledge is not sold at a premium affordable only to the rich, because everyone is rich, knowing what they have is enough. In this world, no-one takes more than he needs to share with his family, and respect for the environment is not forgotten in demand for more than sufficiency.

In the real world, one created by mankind, few of these things are taken seriously. My dream is just that, a dream. An affable if not unrealistic dream. Children do not have the kind of freedom in the main, to be able to play without restriction, and they certainly rarely get the opportunity to play with the animals this way. The world we see before our eyes is not full of love. It has been decisively replaced by one where hate is encouraged at every corner. Evidence of love and the acts of love are evident if we look closely, however I think that any sensible person would agree they are becoming fewer, or harder to see in the mire man has created. I say man has created, because I am sure that we can recognise the evidence of what we as mankind have mutually brought to bear, each and every one of us. We, mankind, are the single most dominant feature in all of these events.

I often see some happy people as I go about my daily life, because I desperately want to believe they still exist. But I have no conclusive answers as to what has made them happy, I can only guess. The majority of people I see however cannot in my opinion be happy, as they do not display the traits of people happy and content with life. Not just miserable faces, full of grimace and dis-stain for the lot they have, but actively negative spirits that suck the goodness out of the air around them. Breeding fear and hate and contempt with each and every breath they take. Mumbling and grumbling about what bad luck they have and how life has sold them the bum deal, and how seriously they have been victimized by everyone else. Life just ain't fair to them....
So they get aggressive, defensive, obtuse, hateful, racist, bigoted, uncaring, spiteful, vengeful and even worse passive. Nations become exclusive, taking only what serves them as their priority, overlooking the effects that their greed will have on others of neighbouring countries, civilizations, societies and cultures. Wars have been going on for millennia over such trivialities, caused by greed for power and resources. Almost no respect for borders has been shown, especially by those that claim to be the most civilized and democratic of our nations. Personal rights, women's rights, children's rights, environmental rights, animal rights are always talked about but hardly ever confronted with any serious proposals for change, that are implementing global consideration and revolutionising thinking.

We have a united nations assembly full of people chattering about unity but showing little towards one another, always looking for serving the aim of being separate rather than co-operational and effective as leaders in unity. Each nation is stubborn to the end that their goals are met, without realising that inextricably the aims of everyone need to be met before we can have peace and security. This cannot happen whilst only the desires of a few nations reach the table of consideration.

Yes the mandate was clear, but it has not rid the world of greed and disunity nor can it in this mindset. There has to be willingness to cooperate. And because some people and countries have profited above what is reasonable, others, many others are suffering in dire circumstances and with terrible poverty. The rich are causing the poor to become poorer with little or no regard for the plight of those countries or the planet upon which we live. Global poverty and environmental concerns are shelved by those thirsts for more money, resources and ultimate power. And in the main, knowledge and the seat of learning are restricted to a few privileged individuals who can pay the ever increasing fees to such avenues.

So what can we, the people of earth do to redress the balances? Fight with hatred like we have done for centuries? Or find a new way to create a change?
By we I include everyone, however the rich will not be able to see themselves wholly in this group, as these issues don't apparently affect them, nor do they really want to give up their control of these balances in their favour. Fighting, the kind that involves violence as a tool to the fighter will never bring peace. The United Nations assembly have as a mockery on the fa├žade of their building, a quotation from the Bible. 

It reads;
"They shall have to beat their swords into plow shares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war anymore."

Yet they themselves have a force of armed personnel, who act with violence if called for, in the aims of the assembly. Which in my mind is a direct contradiction of the ethos they stand for. Sadly mankind may never get away from such dichotomies as hypocrisy. Endeavours that favour select peoples will always leave behind the weak and the poor. Only those that determinedly fight for the rights of everyone can rid the world of pollution and corruption. You only have to look into any political arena to see the testimony of this fact. Expense scandals, back handers, bribes, blackmail, select committees, insider trading, closed club mentality, fraud, and a conditioning of never answering a question with an answer but another question. Subversion and diversion tactics can never be held up to the light of scrutiny like transparency and honesty.
O.k. so we all have flaws and weaknesses, myself included. But deception and lying are not mistakes. (I'll probably be made to eat these words one day, but I hope not as I endeavour to live this truth)

The world, the planet on which we reside and the people living upon it are in danger of losing all we have, and the cause of this event will be self destruct by man. We are like a psychotic killer who shows no compassion for his victims. We are going to be the victims of our own disaster if we do not wake up and take direct and immediate action to reverse the harm we have been doing on a global scale. It starts with us as individuals. What we each do, or contribute to doing has had and will continue to have an impact on our futures. If we want to destroy ourselves then all we have to do is nothing. Or nothing more than we have already. If we sincerely want a better, safer and fairer world then we must act, the danger is imminent and colossal. It is not some far off future event, but one right here and now. 

Have any people been doing anything about this problem? Has anyone thought about the ramifications of our conjoined actions?

Gratefully the answer is a resounding YES..!!!

However, I don't mean to sound unreasonable and unfair to them, but not nearly enough has been done, despite the best efforts of these warriors for change. What they have done is amazing and courteous towards real change. Al Gore has been campaigning for many years about global warming and climate changes.

 Greenpeace have been exposing destructive and exploitive behaviour for many years. 

Severn Cullis Suzuki, has been thorough in her attempts to raise awareness of ecological concerns practically her whole life. 

Others too many to mention have been heralding the deceit and lying and down right treasonable affairs of people and governments for centuries, especially the recent past affairs of the developed worlds leaders. Sadly most, if not all of these herald warriors have been summarily executed or disposed of by equally horrible means, by their revealed targets and co-conspirators. This practice will stop someday, as nobody will be left to quieten....
John Lennon, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus, Malcolm X, to name but a few brave souls that stood up to offer a buffer to exploitation of the masses, whom were silenced by hatred. However as is obvious by the fact that we are talking about their memories, their messages still go on today. They have not fought in vain, nor will their legends not live forever. They are immortal in spirit and we owe a debt of gratitude to these hero's for showing us what we otherwise would not have seen. Let's not let their messages die with our destructiveness and greed. Let not their efforts be in vain through our neglect and disrespect for life, love and peace amongst all men and women.

If we want a better world, a better dream come true, then we have to instigate change. Start with yourselves, share and spread that love until the world becomes infected by it. There are no side affects to love, believe it or not. Love is all we need.....

As sung by the genius that were the Beatles;
"Love is all you need."

As sung by the warrior that was John Lennon;
"Give peace a chance."

As sung by the warrior that was Bob Marley;
"One Love."

And when we have decided that our pollutions are enough, we can change what we have done and do something new. I just hope that will come before we have destroyed ourselves and the planet completely.

Lots of energy coming out to you, with love, light and peace.

Peaceful Warrior.

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