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The world is going Mad!
Isn't it?

The cure to this madness in the end comes down to us, we the people. To wake up and share the things we have, know and can work together at producing, or it will be the end for all of us. The future for our race is in our fragile hands. Do good things with them....

Yes, I hear you screaming....
He's gone mad, he's finally flipped his lid and the lift has stopped half way up to the top floor....

There are way too many statements made here, far too much critical analysis of the situation to be useful or constructive. 

Is that so?

So tell me please. What exactly do you disagree with?

Is it that you have been manipulated since birth to believe in a truth that is not. Or that the freedom you believe you possess is actually blind slavery to others. Dark forces that are controlling everything, including your choices.

Let's try to look at this, ignorance aside, in a spirit of openness and clarity, so that we can let reason and evidence come to the fore. Can we try to look at this also without a real blame attitude towards everyone except ourselves? I include myself in this too. I am not a victim, despite that I recognize the duplicity of the world and our masters. Let's discuss what I meant by, the world is going mad.

Madness: definitions;

madness (ˈmædnɪs



  1. insanity; lunacy
  2. extreme anger, excitement, or foolishness
  3. a nontechnical word for rabies


= insanity, mental illness, delusion, mania, dementia, ,distraction aberration, psychosis, lunacy, craziness, derangement, psychopathy
= foolishness, nonsense, folly, absurdity, idiocy, wildness, daftness, foolhardiness, preposterousness

Quotations including 'madness'

  • "We are all born mad. Some remain so" [Samuel Beckett
  • "Though this be madness, yet there's method in't" [William Shakespeare
  • "O! that way madness lies; let me shun that" [William Shakespeare
  • "What is a more irrefutable proof of madness than an inability to have a doubt?" [Sir Peter Ustinov

Do you see any of these definitions relating to the world of today, in particular our thirst for material greed and war, ahead of sharing and caring? Just look at the noun descriptions; lunacy, extreme anger. Are they not descriptions of how we have become towards every social issue, predominantly the financial state of affairs, and our preoccupation with acquiring material goods in the respect of what that has done to the ecology of our planet? Then lets look at synonyms; unrestraint, fanaticism, absurdity, and distraction to pick just a few at random. Do we not see these terms fitting the state of our world both locally and globally? Everyday we hear of crimes not just of mercy but of such grossly disproportionate violence and cruelty, that many people cannot go to sleep for fear of the reprisals and bloodshed. And I'm not talking just about criminal gangs here, I'm talking about the crimes of humanity and of war against unarmed civilians done by supposed civilized nations. Does our thirst for new technology and jewellery and clothes and fame and fortune not mean we are depleting the resources of earth at such a rate, there will be nothing left in less than 50-100 years?
“So we'll be dead then,” people say, “who cares?” Well I do for one. 

War has been raging across the planet for ever it would seem. And in all this time it appears that no-one in a position of power ever declared a desire to try the one thing we have never tried, in combating it; giving peace a chance. 

If you wonder why we do this,(the collective of society) when clearly ordinary people don't benefit from war, ask your self who does benefit? The answer will come to you quite quickly if you wait a moment or two. But are you brave enough to accept the answer you make for yourself based upon the evidences before us all? O.K. I'll hint, for those of you that can't quite grasp the point. Do poor people, slaves, and servants, and the most deprived of the worlds populations that live in drought ridden countries benefit one cent? Who gets the money and the rights and subsequently the power?

That's right. You now have a better idea who benefits from warfare don't you?

So who would benefit from our sharing? Who would lose out if we took it upon ourselves to rebel against the tired old system of inactions against the greatest crimes of civilizations?

Let's do the definition thing again here.


share1 (ʃɛə



  1. a part or portion of something owned, allotted to, or contributed by a person or group
  2. often plural any of the equal parts, usually of low par value, into which the capital stock of a company is divided: ownership of shares carries the right to receive a proportion of the company's profits See also ordinary shares, preference shares


  1. tr often foll by out to divide or apportion, esp equally
  2. when intr, often foll by in to receive or contribute a portion of ⇒ we can share the cost of the petrol, six people shared in the inheritance
  3. to join with another or others in the use of (something) ⇒ can I share your umbrella?

Derived Forms

ˈsharable, ˈshareable adjective
ˈsharer noun

Word Origin

Old English scearu; related to Old Norse skor amount, Old High German scara crowd; see shear


= divide, split, distribute, assign, apportion, parcel out, divvy up
= go halves on, divide, go fifty-fifty on, go Dutch on

I think that we are getting the idea now. If we shared all of our wealth, split, distribute, be that the resources of the planet and the material things they can produce, no-one would have to suffer needlessly. Not even the present elite and rich classes of our world. Why wouldn't this be the best case scenario?

Ah yes, lack of power of course.... They need that, it's like oxygen to them. Greed breeds more greed. And we the poor and the stupid, are fodder for their greed machines.

Seriously, joking aside, and without malice; who amongst us doesn't think this might just help to solve a time elapsed puzzle? Greed breeds more greed, and sharing breeds more caring....

Take a look at this film and see if it doesn't make a kind of sense that has been missing from our consciousness for a long time.

Zeitgeist 2007

I'm gonna love ya and leave ya for a day or so, and I hope my bullet doesn't come too swiftly. Standing up to the bullies is a dangerous choice. Ask Gandhi, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King Jr. amongst so many other great hero's.

And as I always like to end a piece on a high, here is a radio show clip that is all about this idea of sharing, doing more individually for the collective and nature.
Mystic Mandy & Belle Salisbury Discuss:

What is the Path of the Lotus?

Love, Peace and Light to you all, my world.

Peaceful Warrior.

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