Thursday, 26 September 2013

Are We Not Equal ?

Are We Not Equal ?

What is it that makes us believe we are meant to be different, not equal to one another? Are we not all born of a woman, sired by a father and a product of the marvellous creative process called life?

As far as it goes, in literal terms we are all created equal. Equal under god as one poet once said, and coined by the American constitution. Then why is it that depending upon mainly geographic criteria, and economic background, we as human beings segregate ourselves into groups?

Most notably the have's and the have-not's. Rich and poor, socially mobile or not, the strong and the weak, the black and the white. I hardly need to say that many people have queried this throughout human history and to no great, unanimous conclusion. And yet still we are plagued by societies that proffer the idea that separateness and individuality is to be praised above all else. Can this be a beneficial way to continue if fairness is to be the victor? I hardly think so. Whilst I understand the common idea of individuality and uniqueness, we are none the less not completely unique nor individual.
A few examples of what I mean:

As human beings we are restricted to one way of taking in nourishment to the body. Same for the animal kingdom in the main. Eating food and drink through the mouth. (We can inject substances, i.e. drip feeding, but let's not get pedantic here) So this process means that we are not 'free' from this sameness therefore not unique.
We all need to breathe oxygen, and to sleep and to release the waste products from our bodies. We all need the attentions and love of other human beings or animals to feel loved and connected.
We share the same environment, the earth. We have to work to produce things and to be able to have satisfaction from our endeavours. And we all have to admit that our actions have an affect upon others, directly or otherwise if we live in close quarters to one another.

Segregating ourselves:

At some points during history we took opportunity to move away from one another and begin new colonies. We spread abroad as it were to find new adventures and to discover the planet upon which we reside. We found so many useful things that have helped us to create all the things we have today. I venture to say that upon reflection, some of these things have had a negative, even completely destructive aspect to them. The H bomb, weapons, drilling for oil and energy resources to name a few.
We raised boarders, fences and walls to keep away from one another. We created nationality and social structures and conditioning and took away the freedom to move freely upon the surface of the planet. If the results of this have been very good, why are so many people unhappy and dissatisfied with the way things are? If people were made happy by this wouldn't we already have peace and no need for wars?
If love had seen to it that everyone was treated as equals wouldn't we have a world with no fear or hatred? 

I feel like I'm making so many more questions than there are answers to them. But I note that this may be due to my feeling that the answer to most of these topics/questions is the same. Acceptance of our interconnectedness, our oneness, our being co-joined in each and every action. Perhaps the clue is in the experience of what life gives us. 


Are you paying attention yet?

Are you going to do something about it?

So to draw to a conclusion, we are not so separate and as individual as we would like to believe. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for the egos out there, but we are all the same deep down. We just have different ways of displaying it and of interpreting the life we are given to live. I challenge anyone to describe how we can ever be totally unique and individual. Especially if many people eventually copy us and what we do....

Human beings in the main, have the same physical make-up. Our organs and intellects follow the same structure as all of the other people alive. What we may have is a difference given by an act of choice, but not as an act of nature making us completely unique. I realise some people will want to argue that our personalities and souls are unique, and to some degree I can accept this. Still we need each other, to be happy and to survive.
The reality of our experience, our existence is showing us that we are in fact not separate from one another. The planetary bodies around our solar system even have a direct affect upon us here on earth, despite the distance of space visibly between us. The sun, the moon and meteorites all present this planet earth with energy and force changing properties. The same is true for human beings. When one of us makes our decision about a new pair of shoes, an I-phone, a burger at the fast food restaurant, or even a glass of water, we are using the assistances of tens of thousands of people, worldwide.
So let's face it, we are not separate at all. We need each other and we need to be acting towards one another in a way that shows respect and honour of that. And for the planet and it's ecosystems and the wildlife and the resources it gives us freely to use. What each one of us does, has an affect upon the rest of us, upon the whole of life and existence.

What will we do about this?

I urge each and everyone of us, to be more kind and generous. To be more loyal, sincere, honest and trustworthy. This may be the only way to show we are going to save ourselves from extinction and further millennia of suffering.

Be the change we wish to see in the world, everyone..!

Love and light and peace to all of you my brothers and sisters.


Peaceful Warrior.

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