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What comes to mind when one thinks of peace ?

Maybe you start with quietness, tranquillity or a lack of warfare. For others peace is an absence of suffering or the absence of chaos and destruction. Have you though, ever thought about what real peace would mean or how it would change the life you have now ? And most importantly how it could be achieved, when the entirety of human history has never given us a real insight into how this could be applied. And finally have you ever wondered what your part would be in creating this peace for everyone as well as yourself ?

O.K. Some tough things to consider no doubt. Perhaps we could look at these things one at a time and try to glean an insight into were to begin looking for clarity. Examples of how not to achieve peace are plentiful, the ones that describe and display the possibilities are clearly less, but they do in fact shine out when we stop and take notice, without all the noise of life in our ears.

Real Peace.

Obviously as we have never had this peace for more than brief fleeting moments and in tiny pockets of hope across the centuries, we are at a loss to see exactly what it could be and how it could and potentially would affect the people on earth. It has so far eluded us in more than adventures of the mind, dreams of the peace that brings Nirvana, or Utopia. We need to remember that as individuals here on earth, we are prone to many differences and therefore all idealise things in varied ways. But looking out across the historic topography of Utopianisms it seems clear that many of us have shared several key ingredients.
  1. An absence of fighting between peoples.
  2. Basic living requirements for those people.
  3. A standard of comforts that is more equal.
  4. An awareness of the needs of others.
  5. A respect for the views and individuality of others.
  6. A respect for the planet and its ecosystems.

So potentially real peace would be as a result of a huge shift in our awareness and consciousness to begin with. For example: We don't immediately see the interconnectedness of everyone on our planet, and as such seek to fill only the needs of our direct group of friends and or family. Many great people have then also included their neighbours, people who share their direct environments. Fewer still have then included the people of other districts and provinces farther afield. Less still have then considered other nations separated by land or sea boarders. And by far the smallest group are they that have considered the whole planet and all sentient beings living upon it. O.k, so we don't necessarily say to ourselves we shall ignore all the other things outside of our friends and family, but perhaps by our actions we in fact do. Notice how my examples above are all about inclusivity and not exclusivity ?

When our groups are small we clearly think that this is a manageable task and so put our efforts into achieving a level of success here. Well done to everyone who does this, as it is the basis for peace on earth. The caring nature is where it all starts from. To be able to protect and or share our wealth within our close circles is a foundation for greater events. But then it would seem potentially overwhelming for many people to then expand this inclusive circle to more people. Sadly unless that circle grows it will forever stunt the progress towards real peace on this planet. We need to want peace and security for everyone on earth, not just our individual group or area.

The only way that fighting will be abolished on this earth, is when the people fighting either die, or decide that it has not brought about the results they had hoped their violence would.
The only way we shall all have the basic requirements for a life without worry about them, is when we as a worldwide brotherhood are prepared to share the resources to make this possible. The elements of this basic living needs ideal are already here on the planet.
Like the basic living requirements, the equal standard of comfort is also available here on the planet. The raw materials that could supply a secure environment for everyone to live safely and without total fear are already available. But mostly to those that have money.

The only way that people will have or gain an awareness of the needs of others, is by considering them and asking the questions that will bring real answers about those subjects. And by then listening to those answers, fairly and openly and looking for empathy towards them.
The only way that a respect for the opinions and views of others can be achieved is by each one of us allowing compassion to reign over us. This could allow us to attempt to see the position of the other, taking into account the variety of significant factors that have shaped that other persons views. But also by not discounting them completely, based upon our own sternly held viewpoints. We need to factor into this that we do not, nor cannot know everything about everything. And by accepting that we do not have to be right about everything. Right and wrong are concepts based upon relative constructs of our determining, therefore not inexhaustible or conclusive.
And finally we shall not see the proper respect for the planet or our ecosystems, until we truly understand what they are and how we have abused them greedily. Or until we realise that without this respect, we are going to kill off our species in the not too distant future. Maybe we are the type of parasite that not only kills its host, but in turn itself also.

Looking out at the history we have recorded, it would seem that we have come a long way from the caves and the trees that were once our homes and protection. We can manipulate the resources and the materials here to afford ourselves great wealth and luxury of life. But I cannot help wondering to myself, at what real cost? To the future of our race, our planet, our existence. Sure, we know that on this plane and in this life we are limited to a few brief years of time here on earth. We are not going to live forever in this same body and in the same existence add infinitum. But if history is to have any value what so ever, shouldn't we consider what we have learned and apply that lesson more determinedly ?

World peace has never been achieved. Local peace has only ever been seen in tiny pockets, and usually because of the fear of punishment by the ruling faction/party/government/leader. Inner peace has the greatest success rate, many millions throughout history have clearly mastered it and applied those edicts in their lives to the good of themselves and potentially to a few of the people they have come into contact with.

But it still has to do with a mentality of separateness. Inclusivity cannot do this. Because by nature it accepts everything. Please think about this point. Are you really so separate that your life and affect have no bearing on others? If you have considered that you do indeed have an affect over the lives of others, then maybe with that knowledge comes a certain obligation to include them more. To accept that all of your actions have at least some cause and affect on other sentient beings, will drive us all to be more thoughtful. For if we don't we are in effect hurting ourselves as well. When all things are connected, they each pass on a contributing affect to the other parts, in that whole entity. Let yours be a good affect, as too my own shall be my effort.

When push comes to shove and at the end of the day, all things considered equal, we are the only person we can have any real power over transforming. It is within our own hands and in our own grasp to make world peace a reality. Start with acceptance. Find inner peace and then push that peace out, into the world that has a definite lack at the moment. This will encourage more of that same energy within others, and eventually cause a knock on affect that will bring about noticeable changes to the lives of everyone. Don't panic if at first you don't succeed, try try again. Love is far stronger than fear, and peace will come eventually. It has to, for what will be the consequences of our actions if we don't give peace a chance? Look around you, see what we have done as a supposed civilized society.... Destruction is on the cards unless we change our reasoning and our complete thinking patterns.

It is for each and every one of us to, “Be the change we wish to see on the planet.”

Has peace ever been achieved ?

Yes it has. I urge you to look more determinedly at what we have actually done towards this goal throughout time. And what activities are being shared today on our earth towards this aim. The peace makers are not a small number at all. There are millions of us, daily attempting to shift the world into a new gear that can facilitate more growth and more, passion for this outcome. Take a look please at a few of the links below, and see what efforts these warriors of peace have and are still doing to breath peace into the world.

If you are aware of someone or some group that I have not included here please let me know immediately and I shall attend to the matter of adding them to the list. My aim is to share and promote all people who desire and declare peace as their motivation and passion.

I believe, you are now changing your minds. That is why you are here and reading this. Potentially accepting that things need to change and so you are asking what why how and where. Please don't let it end here, my friends, brothers, sisters, sentient beings.

Dream, eat and sleep Peace, Love, and Harmony.

Together we will change the future for good.

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