Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I Am.

Recently I read a quote posted by a friend on twitter from a Dr Wayne Dyer. It says.

"Anytime you start a sentence with I AM, you are creating What you are and What you Want to Be."

(Thank you Dr Julissa Hernandez, for reminding me what a fascinating subject this whole creativity thing really is.)

So when we say I AM what we are really saying is, THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO CREATE. Basically by our evoking of our will we are about to set out on the path of the creation of our reality. And what a great path that could be, or not, depending upon what it is that we wish to create. Please realise though that creation of any reality is laced with both positive and negative aspects. What we do is going to have an affect on others, even if it is indirect, even if we think they will be untouched. Depending on the thing we are about to do of course, the result will have a larger or smaller direct impact on other sentient beings, but it will carry some impact none the less. Our choice will also affect the future course of our lives unless we create further realities at another point. Bear in mind also that we might not do some of this consciously, our minds are very complex system of electro chemical stimuli in the brain along neural pathways, and our subconscious mind has a huge influence over things we do. But I AM talking mainly at first about the conscious thoughts we have and creation based on this element of our determining I AM.

Let's look at a few examples, so that we can rationally determine how saying I AM actually can have an affect over us and our realities. And so that we can determine what will be the results of how we think and act based upon what we say about what we think.


This is a reality said by many people in the world today, do you agree? Hopefully a larger proportion of people don't say this too often, but it certainly is something I hear a lot of the time. It may seem benign at first, we may not see a connection between saying this to ourselves and the reality that follows. Does saying I AM sad make us sad in reality you may ask? I think it does. Because of the subtle signals we are giving to our psyche. It hears that we are sad and tries to replicate this in a real way in our experiences and certainly in a continued way in which we feel and see the world about us. Of course something has normally happened, an actual event that we determine is the cause of our sadness. We lost a dear relative or friend in death, someone stole our car or another tragedy has befallen people we care about. Something inside us says we should react to this event, and as the event seems very negative we react with a sad aura. In a way this creates a sadness within us at that point and we determine to let that affect us, up until we find a way to rationalise the event with a more positive view. Our friend who died for example, now has no more suffering. We didn't really like driving the car we had as it was always leaking oil onto the driveway, and wouldn't slip into gear easily. And the neighbours dog was always barking at nights without apparent reason, so its being lost is a benefit to your ears and ability to sleep well....etc...
At this point we lose most of the sadness and get on with our lives again determining to be better able to deal with these events in the future. A part of our psyche has helped us to move away from sadness towards happiness. As you see, nothing actually changes at all with regards the original event, but what has changed, is our way of looking at it.


Now this one takes a bit more faith and a lot more actual effort if we are to create this, but I argue that it is no less possible to create as a reality. One thing that will be a determining factor in this success is what we decided would be the level, the mark at which we would say we were actually wealthy and had reached our goal. For example, if we said that when we arrived at £1,000 pounds in the bank we would then consider ourselves wealthy, that would be much easier to achieve than £1,000,000 saved. It might be that when we reached our first million we then compared ourselves to new groups of people, and saw that we were not as wealthy as they. Would that be a failure? Not if we continued to compare ourselves against the general man on the street. You see it is all relative.
But if you realised that if you have food in your belly and a family who cares for and who loves you in return, then you are already wealthy in another aspect. Wealth really has nothing to do with amounts of cash, but how abundant you see your situation.
I personally am cash poor, but I certainly know I am rich in spirit and have many friends who would offer their lives to save mine should that ever become necessary. And every day I make new acquaintances whom will possibly become a part of that larger group. So I AM truly a wealthy man in this regard.


To be loved I would say is one of the most important things to be content with. In it we have enormous power to create more abundant realities. When I was a child I felt unloved and that moved me to often behave in a selfish and naughty way so as to get confirmation from my parents and friends of how they loved me. This actually created a very negative aura most of the time, but I didn't know much about anything, I was a child. The truth is, my parents did love me and so did my friends. There may have been inability on their parts to see my real personal need to feel it more strongly, but they did actually have love for me, because they cared and provided for most of my needs. Now as an adult I can see that I was just not feeling it and had felt it was non existent, rather than it actually not being given or existing. Today I doubt less that those people loved me, and feel the love they give far more intensely than I had allowed myself to believe. Because I had felt unworthy of their love I tried to push it away and had caused the very circumstances of my believing it not to exist. Yes this is a complex issue, and one that has only recently been brought back to the table for full review, but I now realise the part I, or rather my thinking had played in these years of misdirection.
Today I AM loved. I can see it because I let it touch me. In ways beyond just my family and close friends, everyday another new person comes to prove to me that I AM loved, that I AM included in their thoughts and lives. Many of them make definite proof of their intention, and welcome me into their close quarters. I receive messages of well being and of sharing from all over the world. How can that NOT be an evidence of being loved? In return I love these people with copious amounts of my thoughts and time and energies. You see, this is how this creation works. To be loved, you have to love first. Love yourself, and then push that love outwards into the universe, where it touches others and transforms the ordinary into the beautiful. We are not created to be solitary beings. Our sentience is a display of our power to create unity and harmony. Human beings are an earth-wide family, who would do well to remember this and act with consideration towards all other sentient beings. We are connected to it all, and an integral part of everything. We do not exist outside of our connectedness. And I AM loved/being loved because I accept and understand this.

I have highlighted mainly the good points so far because I wanted to get us all on a high. From here we may be better able to see the positive energy in all things, even the negative. Ying and Yang so to speak.

We are also able as sentient beings to create an abundance of badness. For many reasons. Most pointedly though is because we fail to realise our connectedness. The greed that we as human beings are riddled with and that has been amidst us since time began has been gradually eroding the chances of us ever becoming more enlightened beings. The thing with greed is, it serves no-one in the long run. Short term it benefits the greedy of course. They have more, they have an abundance of things. But they will surely die as the rest of us, despite the amount of things they possess. We take oil from the planet for example, to make things to drive cars and to have fantastic lives of plenty. But what will happen when its all gone? It is a mathematical certainty. The amount of this product is finite. It may be well past our lifetime when this becomes a reality, but it will come. We think that our taking this from the earth is a clever use of our resources, at least the powers of the world think this, but what about after? And what damage is it actually doing to the planet we live on? You see our collective greed for things is not going to be as clear cut as we believe it will be. For us to have more, other beings suffer. For one human being to have millions, millions have to have less. That's the mathematics of it, of finite things.
And it does not just relate to physical things, to objects. Our creation of badness is caused by everyone who fails to look further than his or her own nose, their own environment and corner of the world. If someone creates a bad vibe, a negative aura about themselves then they are actually doing a lot of harm to everyone. Drugs barons, warlords, corrupt government leaders, terrorists, paedophiles any one in fact who doesn't think about the wider implications of their actions, and how negatively they will impact on others. Actions caused by their choice of I AM.


Now I very much doubt that anyone actually goes about saying this openly. (Except Michael Jackson, when singing his album, BAD) (Michael incidentally was a great warrior of goodness) The government leaders who believe their ideologies will make life better for the majority are not actually bad people. They have people that they love and whom love them too. But I ask this. Do their actions not bring about a huge dissatisfaction when the only real benefactors of their decisions are people who are already financially wealthy? You don't need to be a political theorist to see the evidence of banking greed and insider trading and corrupt lending policies, that have plunged our world into chaos and fear. Have the general public been benefited by huge payouts to failed bosses and to corporate giants who through greed, constructed a fragile shell of a world for us all to live on? No of course not. We are the ones they take from. How many of the worlds poor and working populations have received a dramatic change in their living conditions after any of these payouts?
You see, my point is very clear. It may well be declared misguided, but I wage not by the poor, nor the general man on the street.
The world is the way it is, because somebody once said I AM going to control it all. We may not know who that person is, but we sure as hell feel their grip controlling us every minute of every day. Unless we live in a very remote corner of the world where government does not exist, or unless we declare in response, I AM NOT BLIND TO IT. If we make this declaration, we are to some degree free from it/their control.
I whole heartedly agree that we do need governance of some kind. There would be utter chaos if we had not evolved enough in our thinking to accept a compromise of our choice and elected to be bound by adherence to some laws and guidelines. These are practical things that serve us. What does not serve us, is the greedy rich demanding more of the reserves of everything. We are all part of this greedy attitude, sadly it has become part of our nature to seek more than is enough. But we could make a huge shift in this consciousness if we chose to review our part in it. Take a little less next time and leave some for somebody else. Share more and look out for ways in which to create abundance for everyone. Say to yourselves as do I, I AM THE CHANGE I WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. I AM THE CREATOR OF ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

I hope this piece will be reviewed without haste. I hope that reason and intellect move us all to act with more attentiveness to what we could all do more of.

May the love of the universal energy permeate our souls with light to be warriors of change....

My humble thanks to both Julissa Hernandez and Wayne Dyer, for the input to this post.

Peaceful Warrior.


  1. You are right, this piece requires a lot of thought. I do believe that our thoughts help create what we are, so thinking about this is exceedingly useful!

  2. Thank you for your response. :-) I'm glad to have brought a discussion to be mulled over. There are never any perfect right or wrongs but I hoped to be able to promote more consideration about what power our thoughts have and subsequently our words.
    I hope things are well with you and we all look forward to hearing more once you've chewed it over. :-)