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Someone (possibly Robert Byrne) once said;
"The purpose of life, is a life of purpose."

Fundamentally I guess we all would agree with this statement, this idea of what reason there is to be here and walking, talking and breathing upon this planet at this time. But as I look around me and even further afield I see that people have very differing views about so many things, that the purpose for being here is not this clear for the majority. (I hope that I do not speak without wisdom here but I feel the need to discuss this topic openly so that we can all have a better chance to review our thoughts about what constitutes a happy and contented life.) Lives become clouded by thoughts other than what purpose, other governing principles and many varied ideals about what you have to do to live a happy and fulfilled life. Sadly many of the people on the planet do not evidently feel that a real purpose is happening to them. Dis-accord and suffering to achieve this goal is the main factor why many of these people do not feel happy or blessed, but I venture that if they had the time to step away from their situations, they would see more clearly the state of affairs ruling them and their thoughts.

Imagine for a moment, what circumstances need to change to make your life feel as though it had a solid reason for you to play your part in it. Would you then begin to feel more connected and sure of the reason? Could the days spent in doing mundane and ordinary things then be reason enough to bring you joy?

Perhaps we could all do well to reconsider what motivates us and for what reason we live the lives we do. What stirs us to make that long journey to work and back in the weather that is not going to inspire us. To arrive at a job that has no real satisfaction and is maybe not even meeting our financial needs sufficiently enough to relieve us of the frustration at having to do it at all. To be hanging by a thread of doubt about its continued safety in a world governed by greed and profit chasing and people who have little conscience about others welfare and human rights. And then to be told that your work is hardly sufficient to deserve your pay, so you had better work harder and more diligently.
O.K, so not everyone is in this situation, I agree. But many are, and this is in developing and first world countries, let alone the third world.... Challenge me please if I make bold statements that do not reflect even a tiny part of the truth that faces millions of decent people daily. The possible repossession of their homes, the loss of gainful employment, the evident happiness waning under pressures to conform to the status quo and trudge through life as if there were no reason at all, except perhaps to be at the beck and call of others.

I am sure that if we were able to re-evaluate our particular situations we could come to several new and enlightening conclusions about what is indeed important not only to us, but to everyone who desires a more substantial reason to be here. The liberation from our thoughts about the mundane could prove life saving, even necessary for our continued existence as a species on earth. Please take some time to look frankly at why you do what you do, and for whom. Give yourselves a firm pat on the back for your patience and diligence to support your families despite the economic downturn, and for all your efforts to maintain human dignity towards others. We are all in this together and we are all a very important part of the solution too. Your choices will have direct and indirect impact on the future for everyone. 

Live the life you were born to live and see what beauty and joy there already is in your lives. Make time for the preciousness about you, the people you love and have yet to love more. Open your hearts up to the family we are as a Human Race, and take stock of all that you can do to benefit as well as contribute towards its continuation. Be observant of all sentient beings and life forms with whom we share this planet, and respect them too, as you would your closest friends. Be bold and full of courage, let your inner light shine from every thing you say and do, from your very being......

Don't be good for nothing, be good for something...!

Find the purpose that is yours to live.

With all the love and light I possess,

Peaceful Warrior.

Book by Dan Millman.

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