Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What do you want for Xmas?

What do you want for Xmas?

'Tis the season to be jolly, and Christmas is almost upon us. Saint Nicholas will be getting ready for his miracle marathon yearly journey to every house and fireside in the world, and children everywhere are gleeful in expectations that their dreams will be met.
Or at least this is what we have been telling ourselves for many decades....!

Now I'm certainly not about to rubbish Christmas. No indeed, as it's one of the few remaining great fables that infuse joy and goodwill into peoples hearts, (especially children's) that have no really awful side affects. The spirit of giving that is evident in people is in itself almost miracle like. But for a few short days this spirit sadly is all but forgotten as the January sales start again in earnest, and people become trampled to death for more material things, in shops ran by people with little care for generosity of spirit. The celebrations of festive seasonal gaiety are actually wonderful for bringing about a small but evident change in peoples reasoning as they communally work towards a few days of peace and kindness between people they care for and maybe a few strangers too. Smiling is more common and people actually holding doors for each other, noticing the bag laden people behind them. Ok, so this is a bit tongue in cheek, we all know it is often not quite this convivial and that people are so stressed with getting more things and more presents, hardly notice even the carol singers doing their bit for peace on earth, and goodwill to men, fala la la, la la la la...

Without doubt, Christmas is a time to reflect upon what good and deserving things have been bestowed upon each and every one of us during the year. It is a time to consider our part and place in the world and how well we have served others in that pursuit. We can look back fondly at the mistakes we have made and decide to make better and more informed choices in the coming year, and seal that with our resolutions on the turn of the clock at midnight, new years eve.

So what are you wanting for Xmas this year?

It would be my hope that peace fed into the hearts of everyone on the planet to such a degree that suffering and plight became words we could remove from the dictionary of common language forever. I'd like to see poverty given the heave ho, and greed made into a footstool for the feet of the poor, to rest and refresh. I would also like to see war become redundant as a way to settle our differences, and true democracy give peace a chance to get a hold upon the earth and into the hearts of the populace. YES, it is a long shot. YES it is a long way from the hearts of many people, who would say it is impossible. BUT I disagree, and strongly, for I have seen generosity and love being shown to me and to the people of my fair city, Lincoln over the past year or so. I have seen the glimmering signs for a change to sweep the county, the country, and the whole world. Love is evident and active here, a driven desire for peace and sharing and an expression of fairness to benefit everyone. Yes, with a change of heart, a clearer vision of the rewards of community living and sharing, people are preparing to be the change we wish to see in the world.

The Abundant Earth Community are the ever growing group of people in Lincolnshire, who are looking to serve not just themselves, but the wider community too, with new initiatives in sustainable living practices. Please have a look at our project ideas and become involved. This is a very practical way that we the collective can have what we really want for Xmas. A chance to know the love of giving and of sharing our earth and our spirit with one another and with goodness.

Strangely enough, I don't believe too many of us really desire much more than this ourselves. To have things to share and enjoy with our loved ones. To avoid the neediness and suffering of lack that comes from fear of not having enough. The Dalai Lama and many clearly less materialistic people the world over, say that the two defining principles we as mankind live for are; to be happy and to avoid suffering. This does make very good sense, and can be actively seen in all our dealings, both communally and individually. We try whatever is within our power to avoid the suffering that life seems to throw at us from time to time, in the pursuit of happiness.


Please have a rethink, recap the many blessings we have and look at why we have received them in abundance. When we lack, is it not because we were ourselves holding back from sharing the greatest gift of all? Love...

May we all have a thought for someone less fortunate than ourselves this Xmas, and make the difference to them and ourselves by being bolder and more giving. In doing this we will be the change we wish to see in the world and co-create a wave of hope that will be able to move mountains. We as human beings have done so many amazing things with our time over the recent centuries, that used effectively could give us the courage to be daring too.

So please let me know your thoughts about this and what you wanted for Xmas this year.....

I pray that we all may know Peace, Love and Happiness this year.

Peaceful Warrior.