Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Awesome Beauty of Sharing.

The Awesome Beauty of Sharing.

One of the greatest ways to enjoy your life, I have found, is through sharing. It is not necessarily important the what of sharing as much as the if and when that gives the best rewards. Sometimes of course it is not even important with whom you are sharing, just as long as the action of sharing something is achieved. I meet many people who regrettably are sad on many occasions, and they tell me that they just don't understand why this is. (Of course everyone gets sad at some point, even me) During our conversation I quickly find out that they find sharing anything a little difficult or awkward, especially if sharing is to be towards a stranger. They tell me that they rather avoid the chance to share than to let others into that comfort zone, mainly through fear of what might happen or the complications that later follow on. Unfortunately I believe that they are missing the very chance to escape that sadness and lack lustre of their life by stepping back instead of forward to help another or share the gift of giving and sharing.

I don't want anyone to get the impression I am saying that no-one does any kindness or shares anything, I am not saying this at all. What I am saying here is that I have noticed a distinct correlation between sadness/unhappiness and the direct action of sharing, or lack of. The majority of people do share with others everyday, many times not even thinking about it and the results are in the main very positive. However because we don't generally do it in the truest sense of full consciousness we forget that we could also take something away with us too. Surely the good in us doesn't want any reward from doing it, that is not to be our motivation, but do we see that we are entitled to the result of that sharing? Do we actually realise that the good feeling returning is a gift for us to receive and accept and that we should take this away with us and share with another? There is always a duality of cause and effect in this material universe. Call it karma if you like, but when you do something good, an act of kindness towards another, be they person or animal or plant, a response is issued by that other, that if received and carried away, would perpetuate a cycle of sharing out into the universe. 


You wouldn't want to interrupt that flow now would you? This could be where further negativity comes from. Energy is a system of flow, and the energy that you create when sharing needs an outlet, and that outlet comes back towards you the giver, even if you aren't aware at the time, of its flow. So to me it seems quite simple to remedy sadness. Practice the art of giving and you will immediately begin to feel this return vibe of energy that can and will permeate your being, unless of course if you put up the blocks, the defences. Sure none of us want to be seen to be doing anything for our own rewards alone. That would make us very selfish indeed. But the beauty of sharing is that everyone benefits in the bigger picture. No-one becomes untouched by that force, that flow unless the action is purely for selfish motive. 

All I'm saying is try it out. Test my theory here as soon as you possibly can and watch what happens. Do the act of sharing, and let yourself be open to the responses of that. Don't shut down the return flow of that cyclic energy, please see where it leads and what you experience as a result.

It is a pity that the higher management of our world don't also realise this. Clearly they are not focusing their efforts for the good of the many, but for the profit of a select few. Be that members of their country, their organisation, their financial institutions or their families. If they only included, rather than excluded everyone, and everything, then the impact of what they did would have a greater net result for not only themselves, but for everybody. Joy would abound and the fears we have would eventually fall away. Oh yes of course my idea of sharing is Utopian, BUT it is also very doable too. Many wonderfully enlightened people have known this and practiced this in everything they did.

Lets not beat about the bush here. The rulers of the world have not an inkling of what I am talking about here. They are only interested in a portion of and a percentage of the all that is everything. Therefore their effort fail in the end, because they exclude rather than include. Simply put, the good and the virtuous are the ones who never miss an opportunity to do an act of goodness or kindness. We have the opportunity and the obligation in essence, to break the negative aspects of the world around us, and convert them into more positively charged ones. Sharing is a simple and fundamental way to begin this process and to maintain higher levels of happiness in both ourselves and in our fellow men and women. Please, take a chance to try this out. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Share a smile or a thank you or a meal or a chance to brighten someone else's world and see how bright becomes your own.

You can be the creator of miracles. You can be the creator of happiness.

May the love and light of the Universal energy help guide you in all you do for this cause.

Your brother in sharing.

Peaceful Warrior.

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  1. A great post that served as a great reminder about the simplicity of sharing and the good that can come from it. Inspiring. Thank you.