Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Cruelty of Silence.

The Cruelty of Silence.

     "I wrote a poem about your light, showed the world what warmth you shared with all, the tiny and the not so small. You smiled for a day then all that shattered, serving a master who said it mattered, not what was said but what was thought, oh friend can my wisdom ever mend, the love you used to share?"

Most of us realise that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We speak and act differently because we come from different places and had diverse upbringings. When we communicate it seems a bit half baked and then the confusions set in, to debilitate the flow of love and energy between us. So why do we let this happen? Why can't we see the wisdom of being open to let each other breathe?

It breaks my heart to think that what I have done in all good intention could have been misunderstood and converted even, into some other kind of reception. I accept that I am protagonist here and that my words and actions are under scrutiny. I am truly sorry that my way of sharing has caused even the tiniest bit of grief for anyone, or the loss of time thinking it over.

So lets talk about the what.


Thoroughly excited by a thought for the day of another I set about creating something from that. In my own head and later onto other media. Excited in the way of what my thoughts had told me about love. A love that was open, was thoughtful, was deep and enough. A love that though shared, was respectful to the heart of one special person. I was excited that this kind of love exists in the world and that a special someone had the frankness to let those thoughts out for others to read and worship that love. This love is Agape. Not Eros, nor Philia in singular nor Storge, but the Agape which is all encompassing. My excitement lead me to talk about love in many ways, and in doing so fed the doubts of another as to my Agape. Granted the object of my words may not be aware of my intentions, but if agape were at work in their heart then they definitely would be able to recognise it in mine.

The why.


I have been using poetry now for some almost four years and in that time have amassed a cannon of over 1000 poems. And 50 song lyrics. It is my aim to bring joy from my heart, out into the world to be shared with others who do not have this amount of joy nor this amount of courage to display it. Love is inside all of us and my experience taught me that FEAR was what stopped it flowing out through my mouth and actions for the biggest part of my life. I determined to change that, to be the change I wished to see, and to fearlessly tell what was in my heart. Oddly enough, I have found that the more I share the more I still have to give away. Like it is infinite. A pot of love that never runs out. WOW....!

But, I am being serious, deadly serious. This love is Agape, an it will not let me rest from sharing it. Some people will say that I am mad and they are right in a way. I am mad about sharing. Mad about living life to give good gifts away. Mad about love.

So as far as I am concerned, anyone who does not see this, are themselves mad. Mad for not opening their eyes to the beauty of sharing love. Fear gripped me as surely as it grips them now. But the good thing about love, Agape, is that it never fails to be inclusive and not exclusive. Agape cannot let anything out of its 'inclusivity.'

So, if you are reading this and feeling happy then magic is at work in you. If you are reading yourself here and feeling annoyed or tense or guilty or in need of revenge or retribution, then I suggest that you are not letting the magic of love flow freely through you. Perhaps you are trying to control it as you have been taught to. Control which is only really an illusion. Maybe you are deluded by your own self worth, and position of power. I tell you all, only in LOVE is there any real power, and only in LOVE can anything of worth be bringing you happiness. Fear drives us all mad eventually, because it is 'exclusive.' It draws lines and creates inequality, them and us, higher and lower right and wrong, have and have-not. Believe me when I say, real power is only found in your highest action, an action of LOVE. Love does not abide selfishness, nor the feeling that someone is owned by another. We are not owned, we are free spirits, yet often shackled by doubt.
People that own things are deluded into thinking that they really have any power of possession. It all belongs to everyone....! Yes, again, what we have belongs to everyone. Respect for things, and more especially others will come when we KNOW this. We enter this world naked and shall exit the same. We cannot take or own anything with us.

The how.


Unfortunately the English language is not as accommodating of this word as are others, like Greek, Hebrew and other ancient tongues. That said as long as we use more descriptiveness we should be able to manage to express ourselves more effectively. I realise that I have also been amiss at giving this my best attention and will strive to do better as I learn from these experiences here.

My will is to be a better man. A smarter person, a better lover an honest critic of all subjects, and a true warrior of peace, and a warrior for fairness, justice and hope. And of course a true warrior of love. Agape love. I have not idly, blindly nor crazily taken the name Peaceful Warrior as a temporary fad, craze or even as a joke. This is who I am, and whom I choose to be. And no doubt I will die one day continually trying to be this way.

'No greater love hath any man but that he lay down his life for others.'

Not my words, but those of a true man of love. Ones that I use to remind myself that life has no reason or meaning if love is not involved. I don't want to die, life is so full of joy. I hope to reach at least 200 years of age before I accept the inevitable doorway to newer things. But my friends, all of you, please listen. I want my courage to guard me as I walk and as I talk and as I sleep and as I share love with each and every one of you. You are my family and I am part of yours. Please let's not fight over trivialities, but accept that we are all capable of error.
If I have erred, I am SORRY.
If you have erred, I forgive you.....

To err is human, to forgive is divine...!

So let us not be silent and give room for doubt. Please share your passions and your pain, and know that we can make headway with that, rather than be thwarted by not knowing.

May the love that heals all wounds please seal the hurt and replace it with a divine appreciation for what we have got, not what we have not.

I have got you and you have got me, we are bothers and sisters forever.

Peaceful Warrior. x

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