Friday, 15 February 2013

The Duality of LOVE.

The Duality of LOVE.
Love versus Fear.

       What is love?
       And what is love not ?
       Has love ever let you down ?
       What love has done, have you forgot ?

There are so many questions about the incredible energy that love clearly is. My little poem above is a teaser and a reminder to us all that without love, nothing ever seems to have been accomplished. Ever. We can argue all day about the semantics but I want to focus a little more on one of the most common understandings about this word and what it means to us to better know it. I am going to make a very bold statement here and it may challenge pre-held beliefs, but nonetheless I am a warrior above all else and fighting for the best way to live my truth and share it in the world. So here we go.

The opposite of Love, is Fear....!

So I imagine that you all go it is clearly hate...! (No? Then we could be on the same page)

I believe Love and Hate to be actually the same entity, just the far extreme of it. Let me try to illustrate this.

                              (Level of acceptance)
Love                  [                              Hate

                                                   (Level of acceptance)
Cold                                [                 Hot

                                                     (Level of acceptance)
Darkness                          [               Light

                                         (Level of acceptance)
Left                          [                         Right

                                       (Level of acceptance)
Rich                        [                           Poor

Hopefully you see what I am trying to get at. Love is not the absence of hate, it is just at a point on that line between them, either further away or closer to, what point you find for acceptance on that line, continuum is up to you. As too all the other things listed and many more. Light for example is not light as a concept, if there is not something it is not. The absence of light is as we know, darkness. Between these two differences there is a place where they both exist but in varying amounts at the same time. When we travel between the two opposites we find more of one and less of the other, logically. Same goes for Love. When we move away form it we are travelling towards a place where that love will become hate, (less love) if we keep moving away. That is why often love, or better said 'falling in love' feels like a roller-coaster of emotions. It can be a constant state of fluctuation between the two opposing ends of the spectrum. And the more deeply we allow that feeling to get into our being, the more erratic that seems to make us. Eventually we all find a happy equilibrium and settle into the real love that can last. Or we don't and that relationship fails as we search for that 'high' again. But love in and of itself is also hate combined.
Fear however is a force that can be used to good effect. (I challenge anyone to tell me what good, Hate ever did) Hate is the furthest away from love that you could get when you finally arrive there. Fear is a tool to be harnessed. It can debilitate certainly, it can ruin a good experience. It can turn your life into a nightmare if left to take full control of all your actions. But if it can be accepted and used diligently, we see it as something powerful and worthy of our respect, for it can help us to live better and more loving lives. Fear occurs mainly as a sense of attention to what our minds are thinking about, and ways to avoid suffering. If we are climbing, we fear we could fall, and so our attention goes to the ways to avoid that, gripping tighter, or wearing safety gear, etc.. If we hear a strange noise or smell an uncommon aroma we become alert because of our attention to this sense and then fear of suffering comes into play. Then we either remove the danger, or escape it. Hence accepting and cleverly using fear, can have very advantageous results in our lives.


And then there are the negative affects of fear. Fear that becomes so strong it actually wards us off or away from the things that can and will bring us the greatest joy in our lives. Fear that stops us attempting to walk the road to our dreams and eventual success. Fear of failure can be one of the most incredibly debilitating phenomena ever witnessed on our planet. Fear can stop us approaching that woman we saw whos' very presence we cannot ignore, because we fear rejection of our desire. It can stop us climbing up the ladder of personal success towards our dream career, fear that we wont be good enough. Gratefully many of us do not let this fear grip us indefinitely, we may panic at first, but when we see that progress forward is being made our determination rises and we believe the goal can be achieved, thus empowering us to go on still. How many people have regretted not going on that last little bit when the fear of failure took away from them the vision that they were almost already all the way there? Didn't ask her for her number, didn't take that chance of an interview, and made any amount of excuses for our fear rather than face them. Yes, possibly we all have. I know I have felt this in the past, and it has taught me one thing. I must not give up following my dreams. Sure I have to adapt to circumstance changes and other relevant criteria, but the dreams I hold are not going to be crushed by fear of failure. Rather the opposite, this fear will lead me to succeed eventually, if I can keep focus on the important things. The destination however is not the important thing here. In my life, the important thing is the journey itself. Life is a journey and fear of not having enough to complete the journey is what we have all felt at one time or another, before we may have concluded that we would just have to travel more economically. Life goes on and worrying ourselves about it will not change it. Making advantage to accept and enjoy it should be our choice. This surely is the course of wisdom. 

Love is a powerful force, there are no other forces like it in creation, because love is everything. Because of it, everything exists. Whether you believe in God or the Universal Energy, or the big bang theory or random coincidence, it can be clearly determined that a positive loving force had something to do with this existence in which we find ourselves. Duality of love and hate can be seen because they have to abide together. Side by side they create the existence of one another, and we see and feel the effects of them both in our world. Please don't worry yourselves over avoiding one or the other. Accept that they both exist and then if possible, choose the greater good to lead you to make the choices that bring you greater happiness. Which in and of itself is the absence of unhappiness, suffering and pain. Accept them both and choose Love to be your journey, if peace and happiness be your desire.

Love is....

The power to be free from suffering. The force that shows us happiness. The reason for life.

Fear is....

The power to debilitate us from moving forward, the force that can bring unhappiness. A tool for love, that shows us love.

Which will you choose...?

May the love of the Universe help you to decide if you cannot yet see clearly which will serve you the greatest joy.

Love n light.

Peaceful Warrior.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Love & Fear :-)
    I agree we need to move toward Love ~ as fear takes us from our joy ☆ ♡ Love is who we are & feels best when expressed freely ~ it returns to us in abundance!
    Open our hearts let love flow ~ move past fear
    ((hugs)) Michelle @PentacleSun

  2. Thank you. Glad were on the same page....
    I urge you to begin a blog. I know you have lots to share. If you need any help, email me.
    Big hugs. Love n light.