Saturday, 4 April 2015

Getting to grips with the ‘W’ word.

Getting to grips with the ‘W’ word.

Isn’t it politically that the elephant in the room always seems to be the why word?

If like me you are always bereft as to the reasons for things not working out as you had hoped/believe they would or had been told they would, then isn’t it just the most sensible option to ask the question that could lead to an understanding of the issues before you?
If we are not courageous enough to ask, then will we ever know the reality of how valuable truth and clarity is?

As the election looms upon us and many party leaders vie for a spotlight to deliver their rhetoric on how things could be better, I would urge each and every one of us to ask with un-faultering voice and in one accord, why things are not already working as we were promised on numerous occasions of the past.

Whilst we are listening now to all of the conversations about policy and what the problems are, we would do well to investigate the reasons behind the fact that, we are actually having to deal with many of these topics in the first place.  We are now in the twenty first century and have a wealth of catalogued history and record keeping at our disposal to review and evaluate strategies, what has and hasn’t worked socially and economically throughout all that time. It would seem that since the live debate last week that almost none of the party leaders can stand to discuss the real issues we as a nation and civilization on the planet face, whilst they first have to get the economy and its ramifications out into the open and say what they will do to get it back on track. What about Climate change? Haven’t they understood that without a planet, air to breath and water to drink, we as a species are on our way out along with the Black Rhinoceros, that I recently heard has now joined the myriads of others this past century. There will be no economy without a place for that or resources to trade with one another, or people.

I find it sad that nearly all of them except Natalie Bennet, made it abundantly clear that we (the collective ‘we’ that is now responsible for the devastating  effects from the problems caused predominantly by the one percent) don't have to pay back our debts before any real changes can happen and we can tackle the daily issues that most of the population of our once great nation have to face. Incidentally the people that have caused the financial state of our country are also the same one percent, whom never appear to be paying any of their profits back into the system that they have helped to break, and restore the balance of fairness and trade. Well why should they, justice and the law is not able to make them do this?

If the economy were so important then why does the debt seem so great that if we worked for a hundred years we could never ever pay it back? Surely the maths doesn’t add up, and George Osbournes figures have not been transparent enough to show these truths to his voting public. Please look a little harder and you will see the truth. The Fiat money fractional reserve system is set up to never be paid off. Debt is the only way it can, and has worked so far. The growth that these leaders are always talking about, is the way they cover the lie that productivity can continue the way it is forever, when clearly the facts show that in a finite resource commodity market, eventually things will run out. And this includes the food service and air and water reserves we have and need to continue living here on mother earth. They are abundant but currently being harvested as if they will last forever, yet they are in fact depleting at an alarming rate globally.

So if these arguments come even close to the reasonableness that I believe they do, couldn’t we discover the reasons why we have not learned anything from our combined and collective review of history and the lack of wisdom we had already shown many times before?

Why do we not look at what we have done and discuss seriously and openly the lessons we should have learned and what we will subsequently do to alter the outcomes we have faced?

Let me share with you something that I have looked at, and have subsequently taken a dedicated stand towards based on its wise council.

There is something, the knowing of which would change everything.

What is that something?

What about, if we do what we have always done, we’ll get what we always got.

In these two phrases I see the wisdom of not continuing with policies, actions, or even patterns of behaviour that are not working for the good of all people, given that all politicians say this is their most important mission in taking the stands that they do. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise that if you harm others, indirectly you are also hurting yourself. That if you are greedy and selfish and don’t pay any care to the needs of others, then they will suffer and subsequently so will you too. The ripples of the pond go out and often we cannot know where they cause an effect. How we treat others will inevitably come back to reflect upon us, both for the good and the negative. I hate to sound like a preacher, but I do think that somewhere deep within each of us, we need some guidance on how to see what is before our eyes and how to interpret that information and make it beneficial for everyone. Look within yourselves and feel the connectivity that has been the only way we have ever been great on this planet.

It may be that when we ask why, we find that certain aspect of our behaviour come out to sully our reputations and make us look selfish. It may be that we are saddened by the answers and what this says about us as a race, a species and as a dominant inhabitant on the earth. We may even see how hypocritical we really are. But most importantly we may see that we are in fact not doing anything close to what we say we are, or could do for the benefit of the inhabitants of the earth as a whole.

In terms of the political debate in this current arena of transparency when we ask why there are people suffering, why there are wars and why treatments are not available to those without financial resource, that we see how poor we really are in achieving such noble goals. Is it not because we make money the driver of all we do, that we achieve only limited success? May it not be that if we put people ahead of profiteering that the standard of living and the access to security and wellbeing would automatically increase ten fold?

Ok, so maybe what I am asking you to consider is way too utopian and simplistic. But is it not beholden upon each and every one of us to at least strive to understand the answers to questions that never seem to have been answered by politicians clearly and effectively. Have a quick look at the debates in the houses of commons on television and decide if it doesn’t remind you of a school ground and not the seat of democratic representation. The ceremonies take so long that the debates get a few minutes of consideration per vote, and so what really matters is demeaned to a level not fit for the welfare of people of our nation.

To end I would like to ask just one more brace of questions that will fit in with the title of this article. I hope that you will go away and let this all sink in before you come back with a recourse and more searching questions.

WHY do we as a nation spend far more money, give far more of our attention to warfare and strategies that devastate and end lives of humans and animals than those initiatives to save lives and help people live in security and abundance?

And WHY do we not make love the law and hate the enemy of the state?
Thank you for reading and I hope that we can enter into an open and balanced discussion about your findings of these and many  questions that I hope it has raised in you.

To ask why, is not a crime. It is almost the first thing we repeatedly asked our parents as children, for our enquiring minds needed those answers. And maybe they still do….

Look for the Green in your soul.

Love and Peace.

Peaceful Warrior.