Saturday, 17 August 2013

Spontaneous Enthusiasm.

Spontaneous Enthusiasm.

Why do most of my posts start with a question?

It may well be true that I am hoping to get the grey cells in your head moving and create some debate. It may be that I am looking to share some creative thinking with you all, so that the world can be helped to open its eyes to some glaring disparities between fact and fiction.

Why are you here reading this?

Maybe because I have a way of stimulating some provocative thought processes in you that feels like a breath of fresh air in the topsy turvy world. Maybe because like me, you are dissatisfied with all the mediocrity and inane ramblings of the status-quo that lack lustre and any real satisfaction.

So, are you offended by enthusiasm?

Are you put off by someone who is enthusiastic and often outrageously spontaneous?

Lets first get a clear definition about our chosen debate topics. (I always use the Collins online dictionary for this, but others are available)


spontaneous (spɒnˈteɪnɪəs



  1. occurring, produced, or performed through natural processes without external influence ⇒ spontaneous movement
  2. arising from an unforced personal impulse; voluntary; unpremeditated ⇒ a spontaneous comment
  3. (of plants) growing naturally; indigenous

Derived Forms

sponˈtaneously adverb
sponˈtaneousness noun

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin spontāneus, from Latin sponte voluntarily


= unplanned, impromptu, unprompted, willing, free, natural, voluntary, instinctive, impulsive, unforced, unbidden, unconstrained, unpremeditated, extempore, uncompelled,


enthusiasm (ɪnˈθjuːzɪˌæzəm



  1. ardent and lively interest or eagerness
  2. an object of keen interest; passion
  3. (archaic) extravagant or unbalanced religious fervour
  4. (obsolete) possession or inspiration by a god

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin enthūsiasmus, from Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be possessed by a god, from entheos inspired, from en-² + theos god

It is quite amusing to me that the thought of spontaneity is often putting people off doing something, an action or a particular choice to be made. Many people like to have everything planned in their lives, when in my observation planning can be too obsessive and restrictive. Plans that are inclusive of change are more profitable than those that are rigid and will not accept that change is a natural part of the cycle of life. I am constantly feeling alive when I make spontaneous decisions and act upon them. Being alive is about being in the moment. What this actually means is; that I accept that there is nothing else but the moment I have now. And subsequently realizing what the power is in this understanding.
The Power of NOW.

I have no power over the past, it has gone. I cannot undo what has passed, it's over and there is no way available to me to go back and change things. Even if we wish it were so it cannot be undone. (Unless we convince ourselves (our minds) that it never happened as we remember it.) I can neither change the future. Why you ask? Well simply put, when the future arrives it will be the present, and as soon as that happens and endures it will have become the past as well. I can however certainly have an influence over what may happen in the future, but that will inevitably be subject to what choices I make NOW!
So you see, spontaneity is inevitable, as it is in fact what we do, or are doing! We can argue that it is because we planned it this way, therefore not an act of spontaneity. But is that not just us failing to accept that our next action is as a result of choice, even if that be a subconscious one? Are you aware of all your actions? Do you have to think to breath? To walk and to think the thoughts you are having in rapid succession with full conscious awareness? No, some things are happening as a result of deeper functioning controlling factors. So when we actually do something spontaneously it is as a result of sudden unconscious thought that we begin to act upon. As if the feeling somehow sprang out of the ether, out of the global consciousness, from a point of wonderful enlightenment. Do we not then feel suddenly alive, as if a spark of genius had happened?
The dictionary describes a connectivity with; unplanned, impromptu, voluntary, instinctive, impulsive, unconstrained, unpremeditated, uncompelled, reflex, natural, instinctive, unconscious, mechanical, involuntary, instinctual.
So is it any wonder that we feel a bit dis-attached from this feeling, even whilst enjoying it? I love to feel that I am spontaneous and that sudden choices presented are decided upon freely and without preplanned directives. It comes from a deep place within me, from my soul and from my connectivity with the all that is everything. It is a part of the very fabric of who I really am, and so it makes me a little sad that others do not grasp this and even become fearful of allowing it into their days routines and event. (As a rather interesting experience to add here, I am writing this article in Caffe Nero on the high street Lincoln. One of the staff, whom I know only by my frequenting this coffee house, spontaneously just came up and asked me if I would like another coffee and then brought it to me at my table.) To prove my point that sometimes people do act upon subtle feelings and even intuitive instructions being emitted in their environments.

So what about the enthusiasm then?

I am seeing that it sometimes overwhelms some people if I am too enthusiastic. I really cannot help it, my life is so full of happiness that I am awake and being aware of opportunities to help and create a positivity to share with others in my community. I observe that some people become afraid of my enthusiasm, as if it will hurt them or be detrimental to them. It saddens me of course that they should react this way, and I try to tame my positivity around them, and let a more gentle appreciation wash over them. In the main I just do what I do and hope that people will respond to the energy with the understanding of love I sent behind my words and deeds.
Whilst I understand the many reasons people are not attuned to this enthusiasm, I am daily, continually hopeful that positive forces shall win out over the negative ones. I do understand that to have one the other exists, but my focus is of the positive because this has a greater feeling of satisfaction for me. And sharing this is the reason I have tried to maintain as the ethos in my life. It gives meaning to my existence to be useful to others, to the world in general. I share all of those experiences with you all, the readers of my blogs, my poetry, my songs as is my best possible action. 


Someone once said;
Do unto others, that which you would have them do to you.

Another memorable quote is;
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Yet another regular contributor to my viewpoint is;
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always get.

So in resume, can I say how profoundly I am impressed by the people whom I have met throughout my life. And a few I have not, nor may ever meet. None the less I am grateful for the opportunities they have shared with me to give me a wider and ever expanding view of the importance of kindness and sharing with others, everything that I have.

Please accept as a gratitude to them to you, the words of my song, produced with the help of my amazing brothers and family.

Courage to be daring.


Love, Peace and great light.

Peaceful Warrior.


  1. Great blog! I like how you include definitions!

  2. Wow, thank you. Yes I feel it adds a bit of clarity if we all know what definition we are talking about. because they vary so greatly as you well know.

    A poem I wrote.