Sunday, 4 August 2013

Justified Hero's.

Justified Hero's.

So very many times, alas...
Men have deceived us, the poor.
People of good nature, pure hearts,
For a greed that they lust more.
Distorted are they, by ideals,
Not in keeping with love.
Their hearts have rotted away,
Morality and truth, turned to dust.

Then comes a challenging hero,
A warrior taking on their might.
Someone driven by true compassion,
To show how unjustified these lies.
Only lier's and supporters of deceit,
Would see this passion a crime.
The damage they have wrought,
Will go on way beyond his time.

See the two-faced give a smile,
To belie the acts of violence.
Things they ordered under-cover,
So their greed would go unknown.
What cowards are these leaders,
To deny others' human rights.
When they order soldiers, “Open fire!”
On innocents of an invaded land.

Thank you Bradley Manning and Julian Assange,
For bearing the mantle of hope.
To show the world their trickery,
From the darkness in which we grope.
Battle on, not feared as they,
Your goodliness shall shine on through.
The day shall come for your victory,
When everyone remembers what you do!

Thank you, warrior brothers...
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Julian Assange.
 Bradley Manning.

I am Bradley Manning..!

 Peaceful Warrior.


  1. When I was very young, I used to believe there was such as thing as justified war, and that the U.S. always fought for the right thing. Then I learned to look beneath the surface to see how our wars supported greedy business interests, racism, empire-building, etc. The information made public by these two men exposes new levels of the evils of our wars.

  2. Thank you so very much for your new comment. And of course your continued comments on my posts.

    I'm glad that my poem made you get the point I wanted to make. I'm not against governance/administrative aspects of society. I just think more people need to say that they don't agree with being lied to and deceived in such horrible ways. These governments do things saying it is in our best interest and that clearly is not so. and they drag our good names into disrepute when they do this. Shame on them...

    I intend to write a proper article about this asap, so please check back soon.

    Take a hug away with you for your respectful comments.

    Love, peace and light.

    Peaceful Warrior.