Saturday, 10 August 2013

Courage to be Defiant.

Courage to be Defiant.

Have you noticed recently, the amount of people beginning to stand up and be counted when it comes to matters of real importance?
There have been many brave men and women who are standing out in the crowd, so to speak. And it would seem, with little regards for their own personal safety and protection, and a greater regard for the rights of others; we the people, who need to know just what lies are being sold to us every day as truths by our governments and governing authorities.
I for one wish to offer my support and gratitude to them for going beyond the fear of their punishments, to offer us a chance to see the light of hope that the world is not completely lost to deceit.

In particular, men like Bradley Manning, barely out of his youth. Julian Assange, Edward Snowdon, John Lennon, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. Bob Marley, and many many more.

Women like Leymah Gbowee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Severn Cullis Suzuki, Peace Pilgrim, Malala Yousafzai, Tawakkol Karman, Mandy Peterson and Yoko Ono.

Whilst it has to be understood that these people were/are all human, it can be seen that they may often have erred or had faults like ourselves. And I am in no way saying that they are complete saints. But they also have/had a huge determination to be brave and let the courage within themselves shine through as a beacon for our hope. Without warriors of this kind, the world would likely have been destroyed and given over to the underhanded conspirators centuries ago. Thankfully they held/hold the strength to challenge lier's and deceivers and stand up for the greater good. I'm not about to profess some kind of rhetoric about my own perfect way of doing things, as this cannot be ascertained from anything more than my actions. I do however intend my actions and my motives to be as open and transparent as at all possible, and I would pray that if they do not appear such, you may point out to me my hypocrisy immediately.
What I wanted to say about this subject is this.
What Bradley manning has done, in bringing to our attention the horrific lies of his own military war machine is nothing short of heroic. He now faces spending the rest of his life behind bars (If they don't find some trumped up reason to execute him) for nothing more that being a true patriot to his countrymen and women. What they have been doing is absolutely unlawful...!!!
They say they stand up for truth and freedom. They are the very ones taking it away from the people they supposedly serve. They are fighting a war on terror against unseen forces, but in reality are the ones causing it. America are the biggest bully the world has ever known and are expending the worst kind of terrorism. They blame Al-Qaeda for starting the war, but have never told us the truth about anything, so why should we trust them with this spiel? And exactly how does Al-Qaeda benefit from anything here? Just look at whom benefited from this war and the fear it creates. Is it not the arms manufacturers and the rich?

I am definitely NOT against government nor governance at all. What I do hate are the lies that they prop up their position with. The constant rhetoric's about how they have all the answers and how they are working for the people. They are not doing this, in any way that actually lifts us, the common man out of dependency and slavery to their control. Everything they do is knee-jerk and token, like sticking a band-aid plaster on a gaping wound. Until we have fairness and decency back in our politics, we will always have the poor and the needy, because the rich want it this way.!
Please wake up...!

However terrible it is, the truth is at least that. The truth!!!

Let's not fall out over semantics and fight about historic rights as to who gets the best places. Let us all try to wear the mantle of compassion and learn some humility. We are all brothers and sisters when it boils down to it. Bob Marley knew this and never stopped saying it both in his attitudes and his wonderfully rhythmical music. ONE LOVE.
John Lennon too was never a stranger to activism of the peaceful kind and sold that provocatively in his music and lyrics.
This earth was given to all of us. Not to one group over any other. We are the guardians of this planet and the life upon it, yet we treat it so appallingly and contemptibly. We are not the rulers of it, we are here to look after it. If we don't do this properly, the earth, mother nature may find a way of eradicating us from the picture. After all we have provably not been here since the beginning of time.
Please dear reader, take a moment to let this sink in. our very existence is dependant upon what we do and how we treat the planet and each other. Poverty and famine are caused by human beings, when all the natural resources are already here and could be shared equally. What I am reminding us all of, is that we have the power to end all of this suffering. Poverty could end as soon as we are tired of it. Hunger could be eradicated within days if we so wished it. Haven't we sent men to the moon and space ships into the outer reaches of space? So saying it is impossible to share what the earth provides for free is surely a fallacy?

Greed is the root cause of all our suffering. Sharing could be the root cause of all our happiness.

Enough said for now, so go with the spirit of friendship I send to each and everyone of you. And if you want to know what I have to share with each of you, please click the link below and then share with your friends as you see fit. I give my respect to John Lennon and Yoko Ono for the song I wrote the lyric to and the song produced in collaboration with my brothers.
And my continued thanks again to people who have the courage to be daring.

Love, Peace and Light.

Peaceful Warrior.

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