Thursday, 8 March 2012


Coronal mass ejections.

 Following on from a posting by N.D.

The ND's nigh...

What a very clear observation of our madness.
We as you say control nothing yet act as if we control it all. This Solar storm reminded me of the global financial situation too. They haven't got a hope of controlling that either. Actually it's a bit like the Titanic, Our governments are still playing the instruments up on deck, instead of abandoning the ship which is sure to sink very soon and trying to save the people on board instead.

Whilst it is amazing to see and feel the effects of the solar activies when we are on our holidays, we are more nervous about what these storms of ionised particles in the outer space of our planet will do to very structured and restrictive way of life we have constructed for ourselves in the western world. When the Solar flares begin to take down the power grids and communications systems around the globe, we will unfortunately be thrown into a type of chaos we have never seen the like of. Soon we will be getting far more frequent x50 size flares that will be directly earth bound. And don't forget that the light/energy from the sun, only takes 9 minutes to reach us.

Be aware that others have been looking into this science and observation for many years, and have amassed a huge body of work and data about the activity of the sun. Without the sun, life on earth is impossible. What if it were also the thing responsible for the extinction of our species? it wouldn't be the first  time the earth has suffered a sudden depopulation of mammals  from the surface of the earth.

Take a look at the link here. It may be scary but it is none the less relevant to your/our hope of survival following a huge Solar flare, or other solar activities.

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