Saturday, 9 May 2015

The times are changing but we don't change....

The times are changing but we don't change....

I had once thought that human beings were moving towards a point of great enlightenment. That social justice would become a 'norm' and not have to be fought for. And then I find myself flabbergasted at the results of the elections in Britain all over again. Ordinary people took to the streets in their millions to vote back in the same party that have systematically, been removing all the blocks to getting away with murder, and devastating the planet and the hope of continued life here on it. Now of course the Tories are not the only ones who have failed to deal adequately with, really important and imminent global issues that threaten to depopulate the planet of human beings en-mass. In some places we haven't even conceded that we are to blame for the climate changes and global green house gas emissions, that are wrecking the air supply and heating up the polar ice caps at such a rate that we may all be drowned in a few decades.

It seems to me to be ludicrous that few people, were prepared to end the greed and corruption of the past centuries and bring about wholesome changes, that could benefit the entire global community, not just the few. Like you I no doubt seem shocked that the evidence has yet again been ignored, and that we have accelerated away from the responsibility to do something quickly and avert the disaster we are causing with our greedy politics and solely financial based economies. Many people in our history warned us of the effects of this corruption if we did not stop it. Sadly we do not appear to heed anything, and my observations still tell me that we are past the point of getting it back on track with any haste. A big part of me feels overwhelmed at our collective stupidity and lack of wisdom. The main part of me feels ineffective against an obvious enemy for change, that has crushed many of us in the wake of its tireless abandon for world domination and human extinction. 

Don't we get it that if we don't react quickly we are outa here, no future for the children of the world or their children?

If I were wrong (and I sincerely wish I were) then why doesn't the evidence show this is not the case? 

Some part of me, a very tiny yet equally powerful part, still believes in miracles, and that we could stop this madness if we wanted. I don't see the majority of people recognising this and it makes me feel quite helpless and dejected, and this bothers me. We don't have the want of ending the possibility our own extinction. So what good has all of this technology, education and money done for us, if we learn nothing?

I'm standing on a road, crossing to the safety of the meadow by the woods and suddenly a large truck is heading down the road and my legs become rooted to the spot. The driver sees me and accelerates towards me but I can't move, so powerless do I feel in the fear I have been indoctrinated with, to challenge the way things are. Fate is a sick joke and I know I ought not believe in this lie, but it rings in my ears as the truck thunders closer with each passing second. Suddenly I spy a small child crossing alongside me and they too become frightened in to not moving out of the way of the Juggernaut. I sense the wrongness of the death of this child, ahead of my own demise, but still cannot move. Time slows down and I realise we are both going to be smashed to pieces under the sheer weight of the oncoming truck. Then somehow I look to my left and begin to see so many others all stood helplessly stranded and shaking with fear. I hear thudding in my ears and the sound of the lorry becomes deafening, closing in. There is nothing right or good or even fair about this, and I am more frightened than I have ever been in my entire life. This, beyond anything I have ever known scares me more, my failure to respond to certain destruction and an end to all that I hold dear. Closing my eyes will not stop this oppression, nor will it avert the fate I am told will come, but close them I do in the certain knowledge that life is over and that nothing can change this.

Then a thought occurs and I immediately feel hopeful. If I chose a new reality I will not have to suffer the eventuality that will take my life away. Love fills me. Love of others ahead of myself and a chance to show how change can be good for us. My legs begin to move and before I realise it I am running towards the truck bearing down on us, with renewed faith in the power of love. I run with all the strength that is within me, and throw myself high into the air as I reach impact point with the truck and its crazed driver. In his eyes I suddenly see fear, fear that my doing something other than what he expected me to do fills him with shock and surprise. He realises I am not afraid, and that he cannot hurt me now in my sacrifice, but that I can hurt him as I come in through the windscreen. In a swift movement he swerves away and crashes his vehicle into the grasses at the kerbside as I fall softly back to the ground and smile.

I run over to the truck to help the driver despite the hatred I had witnessed in his actions only moments ago. He looks small, stunned and himself helpless as I offer a hand to help him from the wreckage. He clearly doesn't know what to say as those that he would also have killed come along to offer him kindness. The child that was by my side, is now carrying a flower and places this softly in the hands of the driver and says to be more careful in future. Smiling the child moves away to find their family, singing and skipping full of innocence and joy.

Nothing can deter the power of love, for when the power of love overcomes the love of power we all will know peace.

Holding grudges is part of the problem with why we are fighting in the first place. Being greedy and selfish is a misguided response to a lack of what we believe we are missing out on. We deserve what we give to others. If this is violence then we beget more violence. If we mistrust and base our actions on this, then we are to be mistrusted. The cycle is continued whilst we continue with it. If we let it go, it could eventually be gone. Challenge the world by all means, but do it with love and not fear, and watch the love come back. The world we have helped to create is exactly the way it is because of us and our expectations. Those that thought that they have a right to more than anyone else, have created the scenario where greed can exist. If we shared what is here, what was here long before we came about, then the argument about more or less would be pointless. Abundance can only exist if we create the place to have abundance for all. Otherwise it is not abundance at all but greed. 

The Native Americans knew that the earth does not belong to us, that we belong to it. 

So people, please, let's stop squabbling over land and possessions and be the kind of people who care for others and who can share what is given to us for free. Life should not be a debt we have to pay for, but a right that we can all enjoy. I'm done now, so you can make your own minds up, and guess what? 

I'll still believe that Love is stronger than any other gift.

Much Love and Peace....