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Well folks, why not let me begin with something simple and easy, on the ears.

Greed has been around for a very long time hasn't it? And is still here today, sadly. Although it is not talked about very often, what with current financial affairs of not only individuals now, but whole countries and more importantly economies, the debate is up for discussion.

Whilst watching RT. (Russian Television) recently I heard someone use the words greed whilst talking about banking and I nearly fainted.

There are clearly those elements of our society that don't want us to talk about this subject, particularly governments and financial institutions. A.k.a. The rich and powerful...!!! They say it is profane and incredibly vulgar to talk about money, even though they never stop talking and dreaming about it. That then filters down to you and me, ordinary people, where we get encouraged to strive desperately for more wealth too. Ask yourself who really benefits from you having more??

Why you may ask, should we not strive for more? 
I am not about to start by dictating to anyone, what is right or wrong, especially for them/you. I merely wanted to say here what is feared by most people in the lime light, those that could change things with a little bit of valour and candour. And that is, that GREED is killing the economy and the way of life for decent civilians in our and every other country and civilization, and should be taken out and shot before it causes any more suffering for any one of the 7 billion inhabitants of our planet. Greed is the planet killer of our generation, because we have never tried to eradicate it.

What is greed?

Apart from being one of seven apparent sins, it is described in the dictionary as this.

Collins on-line dictionary.

greed (ɡriːdPronunciation for greed



  1. excessive consumption of or desire for food; gluttony
  2. excessive desire, as for wealth or power

Alternative Forms

ˈgreedless adjective

Word Origin

C17: back formation from greedy


View thesaurus entry
Well certainly greed is what most of us think is all about having more than is necessary. What one person considers necessary and what another will are clearly not simple to explain, nor do I make myself capable of deciding this for anyone else. Just because I personally have chosen a life of  non materialistic pursuits doesn't mean that everyone else has to. I have seen some amazing results of our decadence, throughout my life and some of it pleased me, whilst yet other parts of it sickened me. What I want to say about greed is this. How sustainable is it? Mathematically I mean. If you have any true comprehension of maths, then you will understand fractions and percentages and even basic addition.

I don't mean to patronize you, merely labour the point for it to have a better affect over the outcome.

eg. 1

One cake eaten by one person        =      Potentially full fat person.

One cake eaten by many people    =       More less hungry people.


One person with everything           =       Lots of people with nothing.


One person living in a mansion      =      Potentially sad lonely individual.

Many people living in mansion       =      Lots of happy sharing people, with friends.

You get the idea surely.

Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting more, we have to realise that it potentially means someone else has to have less. We want cheaper clothing, means someone in a sweat shop has to do more hours for less money. The Arabs want more for their oil, we have to pay higher prices at the pumps. Company's want to give their greedy shareholders more return, we the customer have to pay higher prices for our products, etc, etc....

I am sick and tired of governments claiming they don't have enough to cover basic services for ordinary people, schools and hospitals in particular. Well what about, quit wasting money on arming ourselves to the back teeth and ridiculous Quangos, and spend the money on us the ones who pay our taxes for these services. Too many chiefs and no Indians comes to mind. Just look at what a waste of tax payers money the C.S.A was/is. It costs many times more to run, than the money it collects in payments...

Hasn't anyone apart from the Occupy movement, been able to put pressure on governments to stand up to corporate giants and tell them to give back to society what they have been extorting for all these years of boom. Make them, the ones who caused this crisis with their greedy carelessness in the first place, return what they took from the pot. Or the very least, share this money with the rest of us on causes that will reboot the economy, like employing more people instead of making them redundant so they can go on making obscene profits for already fat greedy shareholders.

I wager, that only rich people, trying to cover their expenses, would have the gall to complain about the re-share idea I put forward here. Listen please bankers, don't keep taking....!!! Give some back before the whole tower comes crashing down around your ears....

In the meantime, lets talk about this with one another. As you may know, Peaceful Warrior believes in non-violence and peace. I sponsor no heated debate, just a reasonable and rational discussion of what could save our economy, and further hardship to the people suffering. Which in reality will be everyone. Let me know, and by doing so let others see, what we believe could change the way we are living and bring prosperity to everyone, before it is too late. 

Greed has to go, for it is threatening our very civilization...!!!

Big Hugs to you all, and loads of love too.

Peaceful Warrior.

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