Friday, 1 November 2013

Talking the talk or walking the walk.

Talking the talk or walking the walk.

Which one of these do you think refers most readily to you?

I know it's hard isn't it, to instantly put yourself in the first category? We would all like to say that we are from the second and that our actions were a definite proof of this. But whom amongst us is prepared to be brutally honest and expose their weakness? I say this not to judge anyone, merely to debate a subject that I feel needs to be opened for discussion. I have honestly found myself regretting this personal scrutiny on occasion, as the truth was not what I believed it to be upon closer inspection. 


What do I mean by the above statements? Well it indicates that sometimes we are very good at talking, saying that we will do things and making promises. But in contrast, it looks at whether we actually carry out those words, the suggested outcomes, the promise.
Talking is an action but it is somewhat ethereal. Walking is an action which is not, it is visual, it can be seen, observed and measured in a way that words cannot. Walking is a direct action, tangibly recognised outside of any language barriers. Talking is worthless if the listener does not comprehend the speaker.

So how do we go about quizzing ourselves, despite potential reservations to uncover the actual reality?

Primarily I would guess that our egos won't let us be seen in any derogatory ways. It is too embarrassing to admit we have failings and that we are not fully focused on being more honest and open and even self critical of our own lives and motives. We don't want to recriminate ourselves with any investigations as to our true motives and agendas, do we? Surely we want to protect ourselves, be seen to be the perfect image of integrity and of determination to do as we promise and act as we say we will. I once again come back to my own doubts as to this perfect integrity, if in fact it does exist. Not to be harsh on myself I might add, but simply to readjust my behaviour so that my motives and personal integrity needn't be questioned by myself in too many instances, or on too many occasions.
Clearly we need to be open, critical (in a constructive way) and honest if we want to truly get to the bottom of our intentions and motivations.

So hands up who cares..!

Who cares what others think of them?
Who cares what we think of ourselves?
Who is ready for some therapeutic activity?
Who would like to be clear of any doubt?

Firstly let me say that I am really doing this for myself. I had my hand up to all four of the above questions. (If anyone could have seen me, I'd have died of surprise. I live in a block of What strikes me is this. That despite having given up a life of pursuing material things, highs of stimulation from addictive behaviours and searching for utopia, I still feel as though I could do more. I still believe that I am able to regularly review my progress and make plans for more of a determined process of change. Specifically with regards to choices that affect other human beings, sentient creatures and the planet. I'm certainly not berating myself either, as if I've made no real progress all these years, quite the opposite. I am proud to have achieved so many new an innovative ways of healing myself and the earth. To have given up so many harmful actions and paths of neglect has not been an easy task, it has taken great fortitude and courage. It would have been far easier to clear off and live in a field in the middle of nowhere and never see another human being ever again. Live off the land and have a solitary peaceful existence. But come on, wouldn't that be just a bit dull? No conversation, no intimacy of human interactions and not even a smile once in a while from a stranger or a friend. It might make the choices of whether I had done enough become irrelevant, but it would not be rewarding, like when someone tells us that they love us and appreciate our being there for them. No, I'm still here, plugging away at the world and its oddities and the possibilities for a revolution of consciousness that would give each and every one of us a better chance to enjoy the experience of fairness, greater equality and the generosity of peace and love. I use the word revolution because it instantly makes people think of radical change. In a way I believe that is what we actually need to happen, whilst still understanding that human beings in their complexity cannot abide this pace easily. For all of history almost we have evolved slowly in our educational systems and our political will and our humanitarian efforts to be fair. So its no small surprise that we will not choose a greater speed to adjust and evolve our thinking patterns. BUT, I have to say this, do we really have that option NOW? In the world in which we are currently living, almost nothing is dependable, stable and secure any more. We all live to a degree in fear of what is about to occur, whether it be in the financial situations we find ourselves, or in larger global issues, or even in personal troubles dependant on the outcomes of the systemic ones. Pretty well all of us are affected to some degree with the impacts of global warming (climate change). Changing the terminology by the way does not eradicate the problem that is defined by this wording, it merely hides the urgency to act. The power plant in Japan is clearly ready to cause massive new damage and environmental fallout. Political systems are failing and oil is running out, just to highlight a few current topics.

So getting back to the discussion at hand. Have we, any of us, done enough? We've been talking globally about many things and coming up with 'bandaid' type fixes for them. When are we going to be radical enough to really tackle the issues we face globally rather than just talk and talk and debate and go to more conferences around the planet (causing more pollution etc, etc)?
I personally see that global change will not happen for a very long time following the current processes. In fact the debates may well be going on long after the chance to stop and change our destructive nature has passed, and the planet and her eco-systems finally collapse. Then it will be too late to do anything worthwhile. But sadly enough, being faced with this one choice only scenario, might just give rise to the will to do something seriously definitive. 

So if we are not going to do anything in a big hurry globally, is it all over barring the shouting? Will humanity finally annihilate itself? Should we just not bother caring, as we probably won't be alive to see it then either? Maybe we should all just be selfish take what we can get and screw the consequences. 


I hope that will not be the case. I am sure there are alternatives, in fact it is obvious there are. The problem now seems to be where do we start and which of these alternatives do we follow? I am no great leader, no truly wise man, no reader of runes nor listener of spirit guides. What I am is a warrior for change. For me the clue lies in simplicity of action, not the complicated actions of governments and financial institutions. Nor in the messages of angels or the wind and rain. The planet is talking to us. If we are listening to her we will know what that message is.

I've said this before and I will say it again, as I feel it is the crux of the matter at hand. More than talking the talk (noise) I walk the walk (action).

As Gandhi declared in a speech many years ago, a rousing and effective spectacular that I would have loved to have attended.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world".

What does this somewhat obvious set of words mean? And did Gandhi himself believe in them?

According to all that I have been able to read and hear about this man, once described by General George C. Marshall as, this little brown man in the loincloth.. Gandhi never failed to live according to this conviction. He lived a simple life, wove his own cloth grew his own food cleaned his own toilets and taught by example that he needed little of the trappings of materialism. (A somewhat stark contrast to present day political leaders it might be noted)
He believed that for change to occur it had to begin with personal action. Each person making necessary changes to have less and almost no impact on others. In this dedication he proved that a life of action can change the world, for it had significant affects in India during his lifetime. And, his legacy is still loved and admired today.

I believe it really is this simple. We take a look at our words, what we say, and what we really mean mores the point. We decide if those words are founded on any certain knowledge and determination to act or if they are merely meant to impress others. And then we put into action the things we said we would. Regularly reviewing and refining the process and the outcomes until we are content that enough has been achieved. What other sense can our words have if not to bring actions for the good?

So in conclusion, once again, I urge each one of us to seek to be the change. Not to leave it up to others to do for us, on our behalf. No, that is not the spirit of how change occurs. By our personal choosing and our determined actions the world can become a much better place for us all. By our looking at the way we speak, what we say and what is motivating our speech, we can find much happiness. But only in the doing of it will we reap true reward....!

And in the larger arena of life, the global concerns, we can potentially avert the annihilation of our species.

May I offer my love to you all, for being patient and interested in this consideration.

Love n Light
Peaceful Warrior.

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