Thursday, 8 January 2015

Je suis Charlie Hebdo.

This post is dedicated to the people of this magnificent establishment fighting for open and free journalism, Charlie Hebdo of Paris, France. I have made an exception to my blog by posting this original poem written today, that may appear to favour anti Muslim sentiment. I DO NOT have a religious preference nor do I despise real Muslim people for this attack. I simply wish to join the growing numbers of free individuals who abhor violence of any kind and say that anyone believing their god would sanction this type of action does not know LOVE. My deepest respects to the families and loved ones of the deceased. Long live freedom of the people.

Je suis Charlie Hebdo.
With this pen, I condemn the senseless murder of freedom!

Who issued the fatwa
That slayed the blood of democracy?
Charlie were not hate filled,
Were not ambassadors for injustice,
Nor do they stand alone in life.
Nor do they stand alone in death.

Does anyone grow fond of Islam
When murder is revered within?
Charlie informed the critique in us,
The desire to laugh at hypocrisy,
A love to laugh in the face,
Of the ridiculous voice of terror.

Are we moved to follow
A god that would support this?
Charlie were just our Pinocchio,
Asking truth to show its worth,
Muslim fanatics cannot ever win,
Our soul is in the laughter.

 When will people ever learn
To live in peace, with liberty?
Charlie understood an inalienable truth,
That kept us free from tyranny,
We must laugh at our inadequacies,
Before people will take us seriously.

Who else will now be a target
For hatred breathed by evil?
Charlie mocked only the hypocrisy,
That we all know to be in war,
And here today in bloody Paris,
Their vision is needed more.

Will you stand united now
To condemn this violent crime?
Charlie stood for a fairer world,
One that loves us all as one,
Mocking the lies and the vitriol,
Warning us of what we’ve become!

I am the power of the pen/cil.

With respect to the 12 brave people who died in this horrific hate crime.
We will not forget you.
You and your families are in our hearts.


  1. A fitting tribute to those who lost their lives through their courage to be daring.... may we never lose ours to stand up to such madmen....

  2. Voila, ca va bien...
    Merci mon amore.