Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Earth

The Earth

What is this place we call home? Do we really appreciate the value of having it as our shelter? What is observably wrong with the way we act upon it that is having devastating effects for each and every one of us?

The earth has been described as a jewel in space because of its brilliance and the colours by which it contrasts the space surrounding it. And no doubt, because it appears to be alone in this cosmos as a place where complex life forms exist and thrive. Human beings clearly seem to believe that we are the dominant, therefore controlling species upon it. We have taken over to the point that we have even created wonderful stories to suggest that we in fact have a god given right to treat it as we wish, it was betrothed unto us as a home to care for. So why have we not really done so? Why has our piety made us believe that we are the only species to have dominance over it? Why do we think that we have the rights to behave as we do and with impunity towards the results of our actions? What right have we to make all the decisions about what the natural world becomes, regardless of the impact it has on all of the other beings and creatures living upon the earth?

O.K. again I raise many more questions than is easy to answer with simplicity. But please let's try to dissect the relevant and vital parts of them so that we might be able to understand something we have yet to learn. I am well aware that I am not the first person alive or dead to have recognized the need to think about this and the greater picture. Far from it.... Thankfully...

The past has been littered with people totally awake to the problems that we would face if our big-headedness got out of proportions. They left amounts of instruction and wise advice for each one of us to read, and begin to comprehend, if we would be bothered to look. People like George Orwell, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Steve Irwin, Jacques Cousteau, John Lennon and even Michael Jackson to name a mere few. 

Earth Song.
Presently there are many warriors for the cause of awakening to our lethargy at tackling this destructiveness. People like David Attenborough, GreenPeace, Friends of the Earth, Al Gore, Severn Cullis Suzuki, Yoko Ono, Leyma Gbowwe, the Dalai Lama and many other organisations too many to list. 
So how can it have been so disregarded by us as human beings that to carry on without restraint there would be no consequence? Even Winston Churchill a famous statesman once said that we are in an age of consequences. But the governments and industries, Businesses and commerce of our world will not listen to the wisdom of such advice. They are clearly pressing ahead with more 'Growth', as if this is the only way to achieve any good outcome.

Wake the £@$k up people...!

It could not be further from the truth. The beauty of our past is that we can see where we failed, despite the past having been often cruel and destructive and covered in bloodshed. With this knowledge we could do something different. This idea of growth has not nor will ever benefit the poor of our societies. It is designed by the rich for the rich. The own it, they control it and they have no compassion for anyone who bad mouths it.... They kill anyone whom they consider against them, whether immediately or not, (See article) but surely they have to have the upper hand. Why did they kill the people who stood up to fight for freedom, and justice all throughout history? Why did they expunge (Kill) the Occupy movement that were outside their offices, with violent force? They were only simple people, saying no to the 1%, but they used whatever they had in their arsenal to get rid of them. 

How does this have a bearing on our earth?

Well simply they believe they own it. Resources and people. And in a way they do. But not in the righteous way, only in the insipid and deceitful way. The cruel and utterly destructive way.

I want to pose a question about life time.

How long will or can this go on?

Again the past shows evidence that civilizations last only about ten generations in time span. Empires fell at about this time constraint because of the impacts they were having on one another as individuals within those empires. Natural cycles almost of human behaviour that eventually threw out that way of life leading to it collapsing. Others took over and the cycle began again, possibly add infinitum.
With regards the earth, it has been around for a lot longer than we human beings. We are possible the last species to have arrived here, animals and plants certainly have been here longer. If we look at this simply, our gardens left unattended will be restored to the order of nature, and not the way of man's order. Buildings that we put up only a few brief years ago, become damaged by nature and decay, if not properly maintained. Even the great pyramids of Egypt are decaying, though somewhat more slowly. BUT, nature takes back what is rightfully hers, as she has done for millennia. Look at history and see what is left of the great civilizations and their infrastructures and see that the earth is taking it back, mote of dust by mote.
If we truly were meant to be guardians of the earth, then by any standards it would appear we have done a very bad job of looking after her. We have raped her and destroyed her valuable ecosystems, filling the sea with toxic waste and other rubbish we created. We have damaged the layer of protection that surrounds the earth, so that harmful rays from the sun and other stars can enter freely to heat up the core of the planet. We are not even sorry as a global civilization for doing this, more than a few groups and activists. (Compared to the vast 7 Billion population) So don't we deserve what is coming to us as payment for our lack of wisdom and carelessness?

I see that all is not lost yet. We can change. BUT we have to WANT to change. Gandhi said quite boldly, upon recognising this:
We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

I watched some pretty interesting films recently that gave me a boost to write this article here. The idea is not new nor revolutionary, but maybe it does need to be just that. A Revolution of Consciousness for the saving of our planet, our earth, our home. If we destroy it where shall we go? I think you all understand the simple answer to this question. So please check out the list of films below and become more aware. 

The Four Horsemen.


The day the earth stood still.

The Celestine Prophecy.

An Inconvenient Truth.

The Matrix.

I know it is hard to accept the truth, but inevitably it is the only thing that can set us free....

Thank you friends, brothers and sisters, for reading this and taking the time for yourselves to become awake. Please share all that you learn with others who have not seen this truth. Time is not on our side yet, but it could be if we do something, in the now!

Love, peace, and light to all.

Peaceful Warrior.

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