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The Art of Transparency.

Imagine a world in which truth was the rule not an exception, a world where people especially politicians meant what they said and said what they mean. A world in which money, or better said the love of it, the power with which to wield certain personal agendas was the exception rather than the rule. Imagine a world that was so transparent, even a child could understand the policies of it, and feel secure in the knowledge that they were valued, over any profit or gains for the greedy few. 


Just IMAGINE that.

Someone famous once said: When the power of LOVE overcomes the love of POWER, then the world shall know peace.

So are you thinking that this is the world in which we live? Oh, I really don't know what to say to that. Except I appreciate all perspectives, even odd ones, that don't mirror reality....

I really am not here to mock anyone or to claim my own high standards are superior to the rest, or that I am even a very good example of this idea. What I am trying to do however, is cause debate on this topic, so that forward movement can occur for the benefit of anyone reading and taking part in it by your comments.
Let's have a look at some of the terminology I am using to begin.



= speak, utter, voice, express, pronounce, come out with, put into words, give voice or utterance to
= make known, reveal, disclose, divulge, answer, reply, respond, give as your opinion
= estimate, suppose, guess, conjecture, surmise, dare say, hazard a guess
= chance to speak, vote, voice, crack, opportunity to speak, turn to speak



  1. (informal) to act like; imitate ⇒ he's a good mimic – he can do all his friends well


= behave, act, conduct yourself, deport yourself, bear yourself, acquit yourself
= make, prepare, fix, arrange, look after, organize, be responsible for, see to, get ready, make ready
= solve, work out, resolve, figure out, decode, decipher, puzzle out
= work as, be employed at, earn a living at, have as an occupation, have as a profession
= be adequate, be enough, be sufficient, answer, serve, suit, content, satisfy, suffice, be of use, pass muster, cut the mustard, fill the bill, meet requirements
= cheat, trick, con, skin, stiff, sting, deceive, fleece, hoax, defraud, dupe, swindle, diddle, take (someone) for a ride, pull a fast one on, cozen, scam
= decorate, paper, paint, colour, wallpaper, renovate, do up, furbish
= study, read, learn, research, investigate, analyse, be taught, read up on, take a course in, take classes in, swot (up) on
= travel at, go at, move at, drive at, proceed at
= visit, tour in or around, look at, cover, explore, take in, stop in, journey through or around, travel in or around
= cause, effect, bring about
= party, gathering, function, social, event, affair, at-home, occasion, celebration, reception, bash, rave, get-together, festivity, knees-up, beano, social gathering, shindig, soirée, rave-up, hooley or hoolie



= exist, be present, be extant
= be alive, live, exist, survive, breathe, last, be present, continue, endure, be living, be extant, happen
= be situated, be set, be placed, be located, be installed, be positioned
= attend, go to, be at, be there, be present, frequent, haunt
= cost, come to, sell at, set (someone) back, command a price of
= amount to, become, come to, total, equal, add up to
= feel

Here are a couple of equations from this list of useful synonyms that mirror the title of the post.

Say = do = be.

From this I hope we can all get a clearer idea of what is meant by the discussion. If you imagine a person for example, saying that they will come around to your house. I guess that your expectation would be similar to my own, and that would be that the person would indeed arrive. Unless specific arrangements were made, the time-frame for the visit could be anywhere before their death in theory. If they they failed to arrive (at the agreed upon occasion) then they would be looked upon with somewhat of a sceptical nature in future conversations, having failed to keep a promise already. If they did come, then they were close to fulfilling all three of the above statements.
If the promise (arrangement) was of another kind, being paid for services for example; then a similar expectancy might be hoped for. An agreed upon date/time, based upon work having been carried out being met with payment in full. The contract or agreement made in advance would be said to have prevailed. Who could find fault with this? 


So to transparency;



(plural) -cies
  1. Also called: transparence. the state of being transparent
  2. Also called: slide. a positive photograph on a transparent base, usually mounted in a frame or between glass plates. It can be viewed by means of a slide projector


= clarity, translucency, translucence, clearness, limpidity, transparence, diaphaneity, filminess, diaphanousness, gauziness, limpidness, pellucidity, pellucidness, sheerness,
= frankness, openness, candour, directness, forthrightness, straightforwardness,
= obviousness, explicitness, plainness, distinctness, unambiguousness, apparentness, patentness, perspicuousness,

Note how the words clarity, clearness, frankness, openness, and directness are amongst the most highlighted. I would also add obviousness and plainness to the list of particularly easy to understand terminology. So does this mean then that honesty and transparency are not one and the same in regards the art of being open and visible and understood? Surely no-one could not enjoy this freedom of information. If everything were in plain sight, then the fabrication of evidence and 'alternative' truths could not happen easily, could they? 

Let's say for example, companies who made products were required to tell the consumer/buyer just what it had cost to produce and provide their product at the buying point. (Shop) The total worth of the product alongside the price they asked for its purchase from you. Two distinct and very obvious prices. Wouldn't that be a good system? How could that not benefit us as the consumer, to know exactly how much of the price was actually accredited to a profit margin. Well I think any half intelligent person knows why we do not have this system already in place. Our energy for example is so overpriced I'm surprised anyone actually buys it. Petrol, gas, coal, heat and light are commodities that people want and now we have to pay premium prices for this. If we simply stopped buying it, the energy companies would be forced to lower the prices to more reasonable levels. Of course the evidence as to why companies do this is actually clear or transparent, to awakened souls.

If people were required to be open in all their dealings, stating this before commencement of the arrangement, then much less anxiety and stress associated with disappointment would result. Business dealings, marriages, projects and relationships could not be carried out without an amount of this being provided, however more openness and honesty (transparency) could yield far more peace, harmony and understanding between people. I don't think this is rocket science at all, it works when applied.


Gandhi, an amazing example of someone attempting greater dedication to his beliefs, won the hearts of millions of people around the world when he walked with love and peace and integrity. He was a very transparent man, keeping little away from public sight in his drive to “be the change he wished to see in the world.” He achieved this in many way, none more so than the legacy he passed to us today. He also was highly regarded for saying this very simple yet clear (transparent) observation of his.
"When what a man thinks, says and does are in harmony, he will know peace."

I cannot put it any better myself. I am not trying to be something I am not, nor make promises that I cannot fulfil. I make my aim to be the best I can be, as an imperfect man in an equally imperfect world. What I do know however is this. If we say, do and be, all that we are able to achieve, then we shall know a greater peace too. And the world will be that much closer to fairness and equality and a chance to experience all that life has given us to be at one with all that is.

Please let's all take a closer look at the transparency by which we think, speak, act.....

Love and light to all.

Peaceful Warrior.

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